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Five New Book Releases to Escape into this Autumn

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

Moving into autumn, it’s the perfect season to curl up under a blanket and escape into some fiction. Why not take a look at these five new releases and see if any of them suit your fancy?

It starts with us

As you may be aware, Colleen Hoover has become somewhat of an internet sensation, crowding social media with her captivating storytelling. One of her most popular novels is It Ends With Us, which follows Lily Bloom’s move away from her heart-breaking childhood witnessing her mother being abused by her father, to Boston where she meets Ryle Kincaid and things all seem too good to be true. In this sequel, Colleen Hoover tells the story of her first love, Atlas Corrigan.

The Bullet That Missed

Richard Osman is back with his third novel, the newest instalment following the story of the Thursday Murder Club. This is no ordinary murder mystery series. Set in a retirement home, the story follows a group of retirees who meet every Thursday to look back on old cases, and this time they’re on the hunt for two murders, 10 years apart. This series featuring warm, gripping, escapism is perfect for cosy autumn evenings.

Carrie Soto is Back

Bestselling author Taylor Jenkins Reid returns to tell the story of Carrie Soto in her latest novel. Aged 37, Carrie retires from tennis after being the best player the world has ever seen. However, a year later, Carrie watches from the stands as her record is brutally stolen from her by British player Nicki Chan. Returning to the game for one final victorious season, Carrie must overcome her slowing body and confront her past, Bowe Huntley, a man to whom she almost opened her heart, and who also has something to prove.

The American Roommate experiment

If slow-burn romance is your thing, Elena Armas is back with an acquaintance-to-friends-to-lovers romance that promises to sweep you off your feet. This is a standalone novel but exists in the universe of her previous novel The Spanish Love Deception some years after the conclusion. In this novel, romance writer Rosie is in desperate need of a place to say after the roof of her NYC apartment literally caves in. Her best friend Lina offers her the spare key to her apartment while she’s out of town, but little does she know that Lina’s cousin Lucas is also staying there. He lets her stay there until she finds her own place,  and also offers to take her on some experimental dates to help inspire her before her deadline.

Love Untold

Ruth jones, co-writer and star of Gavin and Stacey, writes with her own blend of funny, warm, and captivating storytelling. Her previous novel, Us Three, was a fun and relatable story of friendship and growing up, feeling gloriously real. Her latest novel promises nothing less. Love Untold is a story of mothers, daughters, love and forgiveness, and spans four generations. Nearly ninety-year-old Grace’s only birthday wish is to heal the family rift that has spanned over thirty years. She must find her daughter, Alys, but this puts her at risk of distancing her granddaughter Elin, meanwhile great-granddaughter Beca is completely preoccupied navigating teenage life. Is it too late for this fractured family, or is reconciliation on the horizon?

All of the books mentioned are available to buy now or pre-order on the Waterstones website.

Hey, I’m Anna. I’m a third year English student at the university of Exeter!