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While we all have our favourite on-screen starlets, it is fair to say that there are certain looks and fictional characters that go down in history for their iconic looks. Unfortunately, with the glitz and glamour of the film industry, many looks are a bit out of our price range and maybe not suitable for day-to-day wear. Nonetheless, it’s fun to appreciate the artistry and imagination that went into building some of the most famous fictional characters on film. Some might call them bougey, some might call them extra, but overall they’re all freakin’ fabulous!


1. Marilyn Monroe

Monroe’s role as Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes truly consolidated her image as a style goddess. The strapless, floor-length, ‘shocking pink’ dress worn during the jazzy number “Diamond Are a Girl’s Best Friend” is infamous as she is adorned in sparkling diamonds and satin. It is even replicated by Madonna in her music video for “Material Girl”.

Being lauded as one of the most popular on-screen style moments, the designer, William Travilla, dressed Monroe for eight of her other films included the white dress she wore in The Seven Year Itch. Both dresses have been sold at auctions for substantial sums, the pink dress going for $310,000, while the white dress took $5 million.

2. Alicia Silverstone

It is next to impossible to pinpoint just one look from the whole wardrobe of Clueless-every look is iconic. However, Alicia Silverstone’s character, Cher, is widely regarded as the leading fashionista of the film. Importantly, not only are many of Silverstone’s looks available to buy and imitate through high street shops, but they are experiencing a popular resurgence despite the film coming out over 20 years ago. So whether it’s her yellow plaid skirt suit, or her mini white Calvin Klein dress, the styling of the Clueless cast remains relevant and on-point.

3. Vivien Leigh

Leigh is most popularly known for her leading role in Gone With the Wind, for which she won an Academy Award. While the film remains extremely dated and controversial, having been released in 1939, the work of designer Walter Plunkett remains a widely celebrated feature of it. The burgundy gown she wears is specifically famous made of silk with an elaborate train…if only it didn’t have the ostrich feathers.

4. Keira Knightley

The moment Keira Knightley appeared on our screen in the emerald green, silk dress she wore in Atonement, we all fell in love. While Keira stated the dress was incredibly fragile and she kept breaking it during filming, designer Jacqueline Durran was nominated for an Academy Award for her stunning creation. Despite not winning the Oscar, Sky Movies named the dress “best costume of all time”.

5. Reese Wetherspoon

Most people might struggle to look good every day when confined to one colour, especially if that colour is pink. However, Whetherspoon’s infamous character, Elle Woods, makes it work, using her all pink outfits as a symbol of female empowerment; It is her fearless approach to style that makes her the powerful woman she is. While some might say she’s dressed unprofessionally for a lawyer, we admire her dedication to the cause and enthusiastic self-expression and will always consider her a style guru full of invaluable fashion tips.

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