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5 Healthy Alternatives to Deadline Junk


It’s that time of year again. We’ve all been there (and if not, you had better believe you’re heading there!); deadlines a-looming, sleep deprivation, questionable hygiene. However, just because it’s essay season, does not mean you have to automatically console yourself with an excess of sugar and other junk foods. The energy boost you’re searching for in a bar of chocolate can easily be found elsewhere. This week, HCX suggests five top tips to help you eschew the bad stuff in favour of the good when stress is at its worst.


  1. Substitute that massive bag of crisps for roasted red pepper hummus, pita bread strips and carrot sticks

Still providing that crispy crunch, and still yummy! Hummus is packed with delicious chickpeas, a great source of iron which will give you energy to power through your deadline.


  1. Swap hours in the gym for a 30 minute Youtube workout

Jilian Michaels “6 week 6 pack” is a great, speedy workout that you can always fit into your day. Do it in your bedroom, hop in the shower…then back to the library!


  1. Swap black coffee for green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants which will improve brain function without the crash of coffee caffeine.

  1. Swap late night Netflix for an extra hour of sleep

Instead of gazing at your laptop screen before bed and encouraging your brain to stay awake, light some candles to relax and try to get some sleep before midnight. More sleep will improve your memory and mood the following day.

  1. Swap your sugar hit for almonds and cubes of dark chocolate

The nuts will keep you going for longer than a processed hit of refined sugar (such as biscuits, cake and chocolate) and the dark chocolate will satisfy your craving, as well as being packed with superfood antioxidants.


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