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5 Easy Steps to a New You

The New Year brings out the best in people with their New Years resolutions. Whilst at first the self-motivation might be quite high, it is easy to slip back into old habits.

So how do you prevent a relapse? We have the answers to make sure your New Years resolution lasts the whole year.

  1. Get organised

You will most probably fail unless you have a plan for how you will stick to your resolution. For example, if it is to eat healthier foods, this will involve planning your meals and doing a food shop to get healthy foods in. Think about what you can swap in as healthy alternatives. More importantly get rid of the junk food in the house …that includes the ice cream in the freezer!


  1. Create a goal

It has been scientifically proven that by setting a goal, a person is more likely to stick to a workout or diet plan. The goals you set must be achievable, and include short and long-term goals. For example, if your resolution was to get fitter, you might firstly set a short term goal of being able to run 3km continuously, and then a long term goal of running 5km.

  1. Bet on it

This may sound bonkers, but a recent study highlighted in the TV programme ‘Weighing Up The Enemy’, found that people were more likely to stick to a diet if they had their own money on the line. I’m not suggesting betting your life savings, but it might be a motive if you know that £20 is at stake. Especially if you place the bet with somebody you would love to prove wrong.

  1. Record your achievements

So a week goes by and you’ve managed to stay away from the chocolate and sweets (for example). But you don’t feel any different and you start thinking, what’s the point if I don’t lose weight or feel healthier?  Don’t be disheartened, it will take longer to see and feel changes in yourself, but it will be worth it next time you see an old friend and they comment on how great you look. In the meantime, make a record of how many days you have gone whilst keeping to your new years resolution, each day will feel like an achievement when you mark it off on your calendar.

  1. Don’t blow it

Even if you do go slightly of track with your New Years resolution don’t take the easy way out and give up. One day or one week of switching back to old habits doesn’t mean you can’t start the resolution again next week. Pick it back up and you will feel the benefits.

Following these steps will give you an extra advantage to keeping to your New Years resolutions. This could be the year that you eat healthily and start to feel amazing, or get the bikini body that you’ve always wanted. Good luck for 2015! 

I am a third year Sport and Exercise Science student at Exeter Uni. I have strong interests in nutrition and health. I keep fit by going to fitness classes and playing football and believe that exercise makes us feel great! I also run a healthy food blog via Instagram (@foodie_bee) and on the web (www.foodie--bee.blogspot.co.uk). Here I post articles to do with healthy eating on a student budget and current trends in the healthy food industry. In the future I hope to have a job involved with nutrition and helping people to live a healthy lifestyle.
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