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5 Best Moments from the Oscars

If you missed them, catch up here for the best bits!


1.     Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith’s mother-daughter spat!


Mum really doesn’t want to go and watch the film…awks.


2.  Jon Travolta trying to kiss Scar Jo



Scarlett has recently said publicly that there was nothing creepy about the kiss, which was very welcome, but unexpected and badly timed! Nevertheless, it looked so awkward!


3. Patricia Arquette’s feminist oscars speech!


Meryl Streep says YEAH!


4. Anna Kendrick, Neil Patrick Harris and Jack Black’s opening number.


Gotta love a bit of satirical singing about the film industry!


5. Eddie Redmayne winning his oscar for The Theory of Everything.


He was so shocked and so humble that it made us love him even more!



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