The 5 Best Celebrity Couples And Why We Want Their Relationship

When a new celeb romance comes about, we’re often dubious as to how long it will actually last and whether it is even a real relationship or just a call for free publicity. However, that’s not to say there aren’t some beautiful famous couples whose relationships appear perfect.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The royal couple met at St Andrews University in 2001 after Kate attracted Will’s attention by modelling in a charity fashion show. Their marriage at Westminster Abbey in 2011 was the wedding of the century and now baby George has joined the family. The couple were in the same halls in first year and shared a house in second and third so look out girls, you may have found Prince Charming already!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Although ‘Brangelina’ took a while for us to cosy up to after Brad ditched Jennifer Aniston for his Mr and Mrs Smith co-star, it’s clear now that they are simply meant to be. The Hollywood couple somehow manage to juggle their successful acting careers with raising 6 children, reportedly ensuring they have a child-free ‘Date Night’ every fortnight. They’re rumoured to wed this December and, with a net worth of $270 million, it’s likely to be a VERY big wedding. Jealous, us?

David and Victoria Beckham

The golden couple of celebrities, Posh and Becks had to make the list. After a 14 year marriage and 4 kids, their relationship continues to go from strength to strength. The couple met at a charity football match in 1997 and have lived together in Spain, LA and the UK due to David’s football career.

Andy Murray and Kim Sears

It was at Wimbledon this year that the public truly fell in love with this couple, watching Kim support her man at every match right until his won the competition. Their 8 year relationship has thrived since the couple have so much in common, with a shared love of tennis, dogs and travel. We hear wedding bells!

Beyoncé and Jay Z

Despite accusations of Jay having an affair shortly after their wedding in 2008, the king and queen of the music world have shunned the rumours and are reportedly stronger than ever. The couple are often seen supporting each other at their concerts with their daughter Blue Ivy.

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