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4 Foodie Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

I don’t know about you, but I reckon a big part of traveling is exploring the local culture. And when I say culture, of course I mean food. I spend most of my adventures abroad exploring local markets and trying out local dishes – who wouldn’t?! I’m no expert though – so it’s worth finding people who are…


Jo Yee is a London-based photographer whose feed covers no less than 23 countries across the world! Her account captures her travels with amazing photographs of exotic locations and elegant restaurants blended with shots of her everyday life and her own home cooking. Expect perfectly-filtered pictures of delicious food and amazing landscapes.


My personal favourite. Anyone who knows me will know that I talk NON-STOP about Melissa Hie and her account! She specialises in photographs of amazing treats held right in front of the scene in which she found them. This leads to pictures like 32cm ice cream cones in front of the streets of South Korea! This is seriously the most aesthetic and satisfying account on Insta – bar the slime videos of course.


If you’re looking for inspiration of your own, look no further than James Thompson’s Insta account. All of his photographs are taken on his iPhone but they all manage to be colourful, stylish and most importantly, delicious. It just shows that anyone can tackle food photography with their phone. James’s travels have taken him from cafes to street markets to hotels so there’s plenty to get your teeth into – prepare for some serious food envy!


Mark Wien’s mantra is one I can totally get behind: ‘travel for food’! His speciality is photographing the local cuisine of countries as diverse as France, Kenya and Thailand. If you’re less into the food photos taken for their ‘artsy’ vibe and more into the authentic thing itself, this account is for you. Mark’s food odyssey is definitely one worth following! 

Emma is a sophomore at American University, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Political Science and Women's Studies. She loves to write, journal, and blog in her free time. Emma is a Communications Intern at the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE), a non-profit in DC. She is a social media editor for Her Campus American.
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