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The 2 Mouthed Men Experience

Saturday saw the debut of The 2 Mouthed Men’s brand new spanking experience; an entertaining performance, where at no point do you actually know what is going on, or how slash why your life has led you to this point, but nonetheless are happy to continue on the crazy ride. The show is a series of sketches, focused heavily on music, beat-boxing and audience interaction, all the ingredients for a perfect soufflé (a reference which will make sense if you watch the show, plug, plug, plug).

Number 1, beat-boxing on point! These guys know their stuff and impressively, the audience managed to avoid any showering of saliva throughout the whole show. Alongside original songs and remixes really lifted the show, the musicality gives the show an edge, something different, engaging and allows the audience to feel part of the show.

A stand out sketch would have to be their quiz show, moving at a fast pace, your brain barely keeps up, but again you’re totally cool with it! Aided by special effects, some dad- like jokes, it was greatly amusing to sit and watch audience volunteers squirm as they wondered just what was going to happen next!

There was something for everyone, and being a student their song about housemates resonated all too close to home! This wasn’t a laugh out loud, sketch it was that frequent, chuckling, eye-rolling, nodding along as we reminiscence just how many times we have found ourselves in those scenarios.  

A minor critique would be that the transitions did feel quite disjointed at times and a little chaotic, but this did not in any way take away from the enjoyment of the production. But what really made the show, was the unmistakable chemistry between Daniel and James, it makes the show! James’ slight mishap with line was in itself made into another laugh, the relaxed nature of the show was crafted perfectly and really suits the production. The actors complement each other so well, whether it’s James having to pick up Daniel’s slight slacking in the beat-boxing department, or Daniel catching James out during their mime sketch, the show makes you feel like part of the gang!

All in all, it’s a must see! No description will quite do the show justice, no words are exactly applicable to it and what more reason do you need to go and catch it at the Edinburgh Fringe?? Catch the show from 20-25th of August, at Jury’s Inn Studios and in the mean time, check out their facebook linked below!



I'm Claudia, a third year Politics student at the University of Exeter, who loves all things Her Campus!
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