11 Types of Sex You'll Have at University

Whether you're 'doing it' or not, single or attached, chances are you’ll engage in most of these scenarios at one point or another in your University career. There probably won’t be another time in your life that you’re surrounded by hundreds of people of your own age (most of whom aren’t looking to settle down), so have fun, stay safe and enjoy!

Safe Sex: Goes without saying. After all, we are the University that hosts the annual ‘Safer Sex Ball’.




Awkward sex: So, you’ve got the basics of what goes where, but in practice, it’s all about the build-up, timing and positioning. Films and often TV series are incredibly misleading – sex can be cringey, sweaty and immensely awkward. If this happens to you, don’t run to the bathroom and start crying, this is completely normal. It isn’t just you. Instead, have a laugh about it; after all, you should feel comfortable around your equally as awkward partner.

No Sex: Yes ladies, there comes a time in every Collegiette’s life when we experience a ‘dry spell’. Whether your relationship ‘spark’ has fizzled out or in the words of The Rolling Stones you ‘Just can’t get no satisfaction’, being sexually frustrated can suck. Often, you won’t even notice. You may have just broken up with a boyfriend who didn’t get you going (see Boring Sex), and consequently be glad to not have to maintain your ‘area’ so regularly and to be able to wear your granny pants at last. Other girls have just been off the radar for a while. On the other hand, you might have made an active decision not to have sex right now – and that’s fine too!

Boring Sex: You’ve been in a relationship for a bazillion years. Although you love each other, the sex is not outstanding. In fact, it is very, very average. And boring. Whilst handcuffs at all hours may have defined the early stages of your relationship, the most you get now is once a month, on a Saturday night, after the football. Or a drunken smooch and a fumble. Snore: literally.

Crazy, Kama Sutra Sex: Sometimes you need to let it all hang out, and have fun with it. Whoah, where do these go or wait, how am I now upside-down moments during sex can be fun and exciting. Get yourself a copy of the ancient Indian sex guide ‘The Kama Sutra’ and get tangled up having a go at the craziness within. Just don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with; it takes two to tango.





Holiday Sex: So you’re home from University for the Holidays. Your latest crush at Uni lives a million miles away and you’re catching up with/going out for drinks with some old friends from home. One thing leads to another (cue dancing on tables and drinking one too many cocktail pitchers) and you end up sleeping with your best guy friend/school-friend/insert-scenario-here-friend.  It may be a one-time thing, or something that happens every time you head home, but as long as both of you are happy with the situation, why not give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘home comforts’?

Drunken Sex: We all enjoy our nights out here in Exeter; at Timepiece, Mosaic or Arena the likelihood of leaving with a guy you might have just bonded with over Jagerbombs and a snog on the dance-floor can be pretty high. Drunken sex can be refreshingly good, leaving you feeling sexy and satisfied in the morning, not caring it was a one-night stand because sometimes it’s just what’s needed. Or, you can wake up with a banging headache and realise it was definitely beer goggles telling you he was hot and muscly the night before. Either way, it’s probably fun at the time and as long as it’s safe and your friends know where you are, letting loose can result in the most memorable nights.

Safety Net Sex: This is probably the most definitive description of university sex for so many of us. It could be a friend who you can’t help but flirt with, or maybe the guy you always bump into on the way home from Timepiece, but for each of us there are a couple of repeat offenders. It doesn’t seem to matter how much time has passed by, but after an evening with friends and flirting you just can’t seem to help yourselves and give into temptation. During singledom, there’s a certain comfort and ego boost in this relationship and so why not have a night of mutual pleasure?

The Always-see them-in-the-Forum Sex: This is not a conventional ‘type’, but as Exeter students, the Forum is the hub for studying, grabbing lunch and bumping into those unwanted recognisable faces…It seems that he is the guy who you never get to know properly and only see on nights out, probably not looking your best with mascara smudges and holding on tightly to cheesy chips. The curse of sex with the Forum guy is that just when you think you’re safely picking up a hangover coffee in Costa, he’s just the person you bump into. Accompanied by bed hair and Ugg boots, awkward conversation ensues and no doubt an hour later you glance up and he’s there again, this time with a group of friends all who know exactly what you were up to last night. 

Sex with an Exe: For many of us there are social occasions where we run into an exe. In our early twenties, the chances of seeing a school boyfriend or a first year fling is highly likely and perhaps after a few drinks and seemingly innocent flirtation, the sense of comfort is overwhelming. Sex with an exe is sensitive territory and one that we all stray into, but even if it’s fun for a night it’s important to think before acting because feelings can be hurt and confused. Try and engage in some sober deliberation, and maybe that new guy looking over at you could be something new and exciting instead.



Interrupted Sex: At University we have to get used to living in close proximity to each other, both in halls and houses, meaning that our sex lives are more-than-likely to be not so private! With thin walls, nosy neighbours and curious friends, it seems to be a classic university theme to experience interrupted sex. It could be walking in, banging on the wall next door or even your cheeky kiss being discovered on the dance-floor. This can be embarrassing for all parties involved, but if you're happy, simply shrug it off and carry on!



HCX can't stress enough the importance of having safe, responsible sex. Check out our guides to contraception here.

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