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10 Things Not To Do On A Date

Dating can be stressful. Once you’ve got past the initial arrangement of where to go the next stage is the date itself and if it goes well it could lead to date number 2, 3, 4… Here are a few tips of thing’s you probably should avoid to maximize your chances of being asked out again!

1. Get Your Phone Out

Yes, you’re excited and the girls might be texting to see how it’s going, but the last thing you want to do is ignore your date and check your phone every two minutes. The best thing to do is to put it on silent in your bag. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can wait!

2. Eat Garlic

If there’s a kiss on the cards, this is a definite no-no as the last thing you want is garlic breath. Unless, of course, he also goes for the garlic bread too!

3. Smoke 

Same rules as with garlic; if he’s not a smoker it’s probably not the best idea to smoke on the date as it could put him off..

4. Order The Spaghetti

It’s always tricky picking what to eat if you go out for dinner – pizza results in cheese strings and burgers are messy. The worst, however, has to be spaghetti as there’s not really an attractive or graceful way of eating it, and tomato sauce on your face isn’t always the best look!

5. Mention Your Ex

The LAST thing he’ll want to hear is you talking about your ex, and you’ll look hung up on him. Save it, there are much more interesting things to talk about.

6. Expect Him To Pay

It’s the 21st century! Don’t ever go expecting him to pay for everything and always offer to split the bill instead.

7. Get Drunk

Of course, have a glass of wine or two but maybe not a bottle. If you’re drunk you’re more likely to do/say something that you’ll regret in the morning!

8. Ask too many questions

It’s great to ask questions to keep the conversation flowing, but try not to turn it into an interview.

9. Dress Inappropriately

Yes, do wear something that looks good and you feel comfortable in, but remember to leave some things to the imagination. A tight, low-cut mini-dress might give off the wrong impression.

10. Talk marriage and babies

What age do you want to get married? How many children? Boys or girls? It goes with out saying, keep this kind of conversation for A LOT later down the line.

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