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The 10 Best Fashion Instagrams to Follow

As the end of term, and therefore deadlines and exams draw gloomily closer, it can be difficult to gain some inspiration. Instead of following multiple Instagram accounts which offer limited creativeness, here is a select group to follow and use as your muse for a fashionable distraction. Whether they are models, photographers, stylists of editors, these are sure to provide you with some ideas to brighten up your day.

Alexa Chung-


This account offers a balance between Alexa’s quirky lifestyle and top fashionable moments.

Sarah Harris-


The Fashion Features Editor of Vogue offers an insight into her stylish outfit choices and a snapshot of her life at Vogue. This account is especially interesting during fashion weeks as you get a constant update of the many catwalk successes.

Poppy Delevingne-


Any of the Delevingne sisters are definitely worth following. They are by no means full of vain photos like some other models, but are instead happy to post photos without makeup. Expect to feel envious scanning the destinations she travels to.

Beach Café-


This account which is filled with pictures of bikini’s, summer food and cocktails, will have you dreaming after a more tropical climate

Gigi Hadid-


This model’s account shows off her private life as well as her modeling career meaning that there is no shortage of excitement to flick through. Expect a mix of cool catwalk shots and friends and family photos.

Love Magazine-


This magazine may be for the ‘edgier’ or more ‘alternative’ fashion observer, however it is a great account to follow for general procrastination

Charlotte Tilbury –


As undoubtedly one of the most successful makeup artists, this account is unsurprisingly fascinating to look at. With tutorials on contouring, and makeup ideas from awards and ceremonies this is definitely an account to inspire you. It is also interesting to see which celebrities she works with, being the artist behind most big red carpet looks.

The Coveteur –


Not only does this account allow you access to some of the most coveted wardrobes in the fashion world, it also offers witty quotations as fashion advice, providing a humorous edge.

Anna Dello Russo-


The chances are that your style and fashion sense is nothing like the theatrical look of Anna Del Russo. However, despite differences in style, this account is undoubtedly one of the most interesting to follow as you see the latest photo shoots and looks she has influenced.



This may seem like an obvious choice, but ASOS certainly exceeds its job of providing head to toe individual outfits. This account will provide inspiration on how to style certain looks and develop an individual fashion sense.

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