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What Your Favourite Alcoholic Drink Says About You

Alcohol: the social lubricant, the elixir of the gods, the beginning of every great story (and every bad one),the reason you wake up full of shame and self-hatred. Have a look at what your favourite alcoholic drink suggests about you!


You’re a classy girl. You might prefer a meal with your friends, followed by more wine and chocolates. That’s not to say you don’t love a good night out, in fact wine often gets people pretty drunk so you’re a bit of a handful! You’re quite an emotional person and often have a little cry when you’ve had a bit too much to drink but you’re also a nice and gentle drunk so your friends are able to keep you with them and get you home ok. You normally get the numbers of a couple of nice guys- wine obviously enhances your natural charm.


You’re a party animal- you drink to get drunk! It’s all about getting the alcohol down so that you can have a great night without inhibitions. You’re the type that’s going to wander around and accept the offers of drinks from the lads- you’re also a favourite with them because shots are nice and cheap! You’ll be at the bar encouraging everyone to have a shot with you and use anything as an excuse to get a drink- it’s that random girl’s birthday? SHOT TIME. We’ve met before- SHOT TIME. If shots are your favourite thing though, you’re probably quite good at holding your alcohol by now so probably not the one to ruin the night by vomiting on the way home.



You like a bit of variety with your drinking. You’re the chatty/ gossiping type- love to settle down and have a good natter whilst sipping a cocktail. You’re sophisticated….most of the time until you have one Sex on the Beach too many. You’ve also got a bit of a dirty mind because you can’t resist a giggle at ordering a Hard Screw up the Wall. You love a good flirt with the bartender, but you’re probably in a relationship with a fellow cocktail lover.


You’re the lads’ girl. They love to take you out drinking because you match them pint for pint. Someone drops a penny in your drink? No problem, you’ve already downed it. You love a good laugh and you’re secure in yourself. You make friends with everyone and you’re the first port of call for anyone wanting to pop out for a drink.

Something with tequila!

You’re the danger type! You drink and drink, and then suddenly BOOM, you’re dancing on a pole and waking up next to a stranger the next morning. You’re the girl that your friends try to keep an eye on but have to give up because you keep running off! Luckily you have a good homing instinct, and normally end up snuggled in bed at the end of the night without any recollection of getting there. I’m afraid to say that you’re regularly the chunderer as well!


You like to take it slow, drinking throughout the evening without getting really drunk. You’re kind and caring: always there to look after the tequila girl, and to stop any guys perving on your girls. You attract the nice guys who appreciate having a chat, so normally you have a couple of admirers following you about. You’re also naturally fun so you don’t need to get drunk, you’ll be up there dancing and having a great time anyway!

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Kirsten Munday

Exeter Cornwall

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