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What to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

On Halloween, I prefer to stay in and have a night in front of the television. It’s much easier and warmer than trundling through the streets in fancy dress, and also gives me an excuse to eat the candy initially intended for trick or treaters. To save you valuable time that would be spent endlessly scrolling through Netflix for something to watch, here are five films/tv shows on Netflix right now that are perfect to watch on Halloween. 

Stranger Thing Season 2 

The hype surrounding Stranger Things hasn’t really died down since the first season premiered on Netflix last year, so we’re happy that season two is finally out in the world. A throwback to 80’s science-fiction, action and thriller tropes, and with a cast of amazing child actors, Stranger Things is a must-see this Halloween. Binge-watching all nine new episodes is definitely higher on our to-do list than writing essays…

The Babysitter

Is it even Halloween unless there’s a satanic cult? Netflix original films are ever growing in number and fortunately in quality as well. It’s more of a comedy than a horror – which appeals to wimps like me – but still has the suspense needed for a good Halloween film. The plot is absurd enough too, with a young boy realising his babysitter is a part of a teenage cult intent on sacrificing people. 

Ghostbusters 2

Even though it’s one of those annoying scenarios when Netflix doesn’t have the first film up on the site, as sequels go it’s still a pretty good film. It’s even wackier than the first film and sees the team tasked with saving New York on New Year’s eve. Can’t beat a bit of Sigourney Weaver either. 

Hotel Translyvania (1 and 2)

I don’t care whether the target audience is mostly children, I honestly love the Hotel Translyvania films. I prefer the sequel – a ginger baby human/vampire will always win my heart – but the first still strikes a good balance between funny and heartwarming. As someone who hates scary movies and wouldn’t dream of watching a classic Halloween horror, these two films are perfect. 

Young Frankenstein

Again, I don’t do horror. Comedy is the vibe I prefer to go for on Halloween, so what’s better than a Gene Wilder film? Shock in black and white to further parody the original Frankenstein film from the 1930’s, Dr Frederick Frankenstein successfully animates the monster like his grandfather – only to find out the monster is going to cause quite a few problems to his love life. It’s a true classic, and well worth a watch on Halloween. 

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