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Top 10 Perfect Pancake Toppings!

Happy Pancake Day! Who can believe that Shrove Tuesday has crêped up on us so quickly?! It’s the last indulgence before the fasting period, otherwise known as the dreaded Lent, so to get you into the pancake spirit we’ve found some mouth-watering toppings to satisfy your sweet (and savoury) tooth!

1. Lemon and Sugar

The good ol’ traditional topping – lemon and sugar! This topping provides just the right balance between sour and sweet. Yummy! Top Tip: Use powdered sugar for a light dusting and pretty finish. 


2. Chocolate/Nutella

Another traditional yet tasty topping! Is there anything Nutella can't do? Top Tip: Finish with chopped strawberries and sugar or with mini marshmallows for a S’more camp time effect.


3. Birthday Pancakes

Birthdays + Pancakes = The best combination! If you’re lucky enough to celebrate your birthday on Shrove Tuesday what better way than to have a Pancake cake?! Top with icing, candy sprinkles, sweets, the whole works! Top Tip: Forget a cherry, a candle should top this pancake cake!


4. Bacon and Maple Syrup

Why not take a leaf out of the American’s book and try something different this year? Bacon and syrup might seem an odd combination but you’ll be surprised how good it tastes. Sweet and meat actually works!  Top Tip: Top with a knob of butter to provide extra sweetness.  


5. Crème Egg


Can’t wait for Easter? Why not prepare yourself by tucking into this gooey delight. It’s egg-strodinarily good! Top Tip: Mix with Marvellous Creations jelly popping candy for the full Cadbury Easter experience.


6. Cheese and Ham

If savoury is more your preference then why not enjoy your pancakes as a lunchtime snack? Sandwich with slices of cheese and juicy ham for a quick treat. Flippin’ marvellous! Top Tip: Add a side serving of salad for a healthy kick.


7. Potato

Potato pancakes prove a popular choice for the vegetarians among us. A delectable warm dish to beat the Winter blues and perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Top Tip: Cook with chopped onion and fresh parsley, and finish with a big dollop of sour cream. 


8. Fruit

Another traditional and scrumptious topping, and one in which there can never be too much! Strawberry, raspberry, apple, banana…just pile it on! And also they’re really simple to make! Top Tip: Drizzle the fruit with melted chocolate or syrup and dust off with icing sugar for a picture perfect plate.


9. Ice-Cream


Spring is well on it's way, which means it's technically not that long until Summer! A great way to enjoy pancakes is to dollop on scoops of your favourite ice-cream for that refreshing finish! The great thing about ice-cream pancakes is that you can really mix it up! Mint-Choc Chip and Strawberry? Why not! Top Tip: Drizzle with your favouite sauce or ice-cream topping!


10. Pizza

Finally one for the pizza lovers! Smother your pancakes with a tomato purée followed by a sprinkling of grated cheese and toppings of your choice. Top Tip: Cook in the oven for a further 15-20 minutes for a crispy finish.


Happy flipping! :) 

Having trouble? Check out this simple step-to-step guide on how to make the perfect pancake! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWuuCndtJr0

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