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“Sassy” History & Politics Students, Andrea Hounto!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter Cornwall chapter.

Meet this week’s ‘Campus Cutie’ History and Politics Student, Andrea Hounto!


Name: Andrea Hounto

Course: History and Politics

Hometown: Uxbridge, West London

Relationship Status: Single

How would your friends describe you in three words? Probably bubbly, talkative and sassy

How have you found Uni life so far? I’ve loved it so far. Made some great friends and I’m enjoying the course. The second term has been more draining that the first but im enjoying it nonetheless

What are your favourite things to do after studying? Sing, dance and watch movies

What are your plans for the summertime?  Mainly to enjoy some time off, get some work experience, celebrate my birthday, go on holiday with my girls and just generally relax and see people I haven’t had a chance to really see or spend time with during this academic year

How about after graduation? I’m going to do a Law Conversion course (GDL) and then go on to do the necessary training to become a Barrister

How do you feel about being nominated for ‘Campus Cutie’? I feel honoured :)