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Profile: Josie Gould

While we may hail from the less artistic of the two Universities on this campus, we’re so lucky that we have access to societies that allow us to get creative and explore things that our courses perhaps don’t. The Stitching Society, for example, runs every Wednesday evening and provides an opportunity for everyone, from experienced knitters to amateur crocheters, to learn, create, and get involved in some stitch craft.

This week, we caught up with third year English and History student and President of the FXU Stitching Society, Josie Gould, to find out a little bit more about the society, what’s coming up this year, and the challenges involved in setting up a brand new soc.

First thing’s first, what’s your favourite part of living and studying in Cornwall?

My favourite thing about Cornwall is being near the sea. I grew up in Jersey and I like how similar Cornwall is to home.

The Stitching Society was founded last year, and so we were wondering what was behind the decision to set it up.

I got the idea from spending a lot of time with Amelia stitching and chatting, she helped me with crochet and I helped her with knitting. We decided that other students probably do similar things and a society would be a great way to get like minded people together and to help each other with various skills.

What sort of things do you have planned for the Stitching Society this year?

This term we aiming to make a banner for the society and hopefully do some charity related projects. Next term we’re planning a Make Your Own Mask Masquerade Ball, we’re still very much in the beginning stages of planning but we intend for tickets to be available to all students, not just those involved in the society.

Setting up a brand new society is not easy – what do you think has been your biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge was setting up a society after Freshers Week [last year], so our first year was really slow and we had trouble advertising and gaining membership. At times we considered just letting it peter out because people didn’t really seem interested but I’m so glad we persevered as we’ve had such a positive response this year.

And what has been your biggest achievement?

Our biggest success so far has been getting Falmouth students involved; we originally had trouble with that as Amelia and I are both Exeter students and most of our advertising seemed to be picked up by Exeter students. We’re so glad we have Falmouth students involved now as their contributions to the society have been invaluable.

And finally, tell us a bit about some of your favourite stitching projects.​

I’m really bad for starting a project and then putting it down for months at a time, my boyfriend has been waiting over a year for a blanket I promised him. I really enjoy making gloves as they’re quite quick and I like using double pointed needles. I’m also enjoying making my first jumper which is probably the first large thing I have made that hasn’t involved at least one long hiatus.

You can find the Stitching Society on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the FXU Website – be sure to give them a follow!

Also, check out Josie’s articles for Her Campus at Exeter Cornwall here!

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