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My Top 5 Happy Places in Falmouth

It is inevitable that some days are just going to be better than others so, rather than feeling down and unhappy, I try to go to places that will lift my spirits and blow the cobwebs away for a little while. In Falmouth, there are plenty of places which can make you feel happy after a stressful day. Here are my top 5:

1. Swanpool Beach

Swanpool Beach is one of my favourite places in Falmouth. It is a short walk from Gylly Beach and has a lovely atmosphere, which is only added to by the array of activities that take place there, such as paddle boarding. The beach itself never looks the same and constantly changes depending on the weather and wave conditions. It has a lovely little café with the most amazing ice creams, which are definitely a must when visiting Falmouth. I find that visiting the beach just clears my head and allows me to de-stress…it must be the sea air!

2. Pendennis Point

If views are your thing, you definitely need to visit Pendennis Point. When you’re there, you will be able to see all the way to Castle and Gylly Beaches, as well as St Mawes and the mouth of the Fal River. This place is lovely year-round as even the bad weather cannot detract from the views, and if it does another bonus is that the views can be enjoyed from the comfort of a car. If you are feeling adventurous, you could always venture down the hill and see the old castle remains and if you walk along when the tide is out, you’ll find a little beach with beautiful clear water which is perfect for skipping stones. While you’re there, you could even grab an ice cream from one of the two ice cream vans which are located there. The sea air and the amazing views are sure to make you feel happy and make you realise what a fantastic place you live in!

3. Tea by the Sea

One of many fab little cafés in Falmouth which does fantastic cakes, all placed in the shop window to entice you inside. If you are feeling down, why not head to this little cafe for a cream tea or one of their specialties like a Chocolate Cream Tea, where chocolate spread replaces the traditional jam. It is amazing! Whether you go on your own with a book or with a friend, the homely and comfortable atmosphere will make you feel happy instantly.

4. Prince of Wales Pier

This again is another place which will allow you to have lovely views of Falmouth. From here, you can see across to Flushing and along to the Greenbank Hotel and down to the Maritime Museum. If you time it right, there might even be a musician there which only adds to the atmosphere. The pier is a lovely place to just watch the world go by. If you are feeling peckish as you people-watch, you can always grab a pasty from Rowes which is a short walk away and enjoy it on the pier. Beware of the seagulls!

5. Maenporth Beach

A short drive from central Falmouth or a half an hour walk from Swanpool Beach, Maenporth is another amazing beach which is located not that far away from town. It has a beautiful stretch of beach which can be very short or long (depending on the tide) and like other beaches in Falmouth is a haven for water sports and swimming. Maenporth is also used by dog walkers which is great as dogs never fail to make me smile.

Life can be overwhelming at times so, please, when you begin to feel down or stressed, take the time to visit one of these places. It will take your mind off your worries and make you feel a lot calmer and hopefully happier!

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