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Are you really into festive decorations for parties and gatherings? Then, look no further, for here are a few decorating ideas for you to get your Easter on!

If you’re keeping it small and simple, you should take some inspiration from the websites linked below, they have some great tips for simple and easy decorations (that you can even make yourself if you’re felling particularly creative), these wil definitely help in creating the atmosphere for your chocolate and fun-filled weekend. 

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without mounds of food and sweet treats, regardless of how many Easter eggs you end up getting. It goes without saying that chocolate is the most important sweet of the day, but some people just aren’t that into it, or have special dietary requirements… So, here are a couple of vegan and non-chocolatey food options. 

  • Here’s a nice little Lemon cake for you to chow down on, while the others recover from their sugar-highs (or pass out from sugar comas)
  • Or maybe a nice, healthy, vegan rice crispy cake?

This is of course just a little something to get you inspired, as I am sure everyone has their own traditions for the holiday. Easter is a lovely time of year, so enjoy every single second of it! 

Have a good holiday! 

Grace Turner

Exeter Cornwall '19

At heart I am a poet, though I shall refrain from exposing you all to that too frequently. I shall endeavour instead to give you an insight into the way I choose to live and see things, I hope only that it is an entertaining and thought-provoking experience.
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