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How to Survive Deadlines, as told by Christmas Movies

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt this term, it’s that deadlines are the absolute worst. Since September, we’ve all felt that agonising pain that accompanies essays, exams, and seminar presentations, and we all know the warning signs that the stress is getting a little bit too much, from the stress eating to the prolonged crying sessions in the library. But, perhaps themost important of all lessons that we have learnt this term are the coping mechanisms we’ve developed to kick those bad habits during deadlines week. Here are a list of six signs that it’s deadline week, and our favourite ways to banish them, as told by Christmas movies!

1. You no longer prioritise showering.

In the midst of deadline season, personal hygiene is nobody’s number one concern. Invest in some lovely perfume, like Michael Kors’ 24K Brilliant Gold (or ask for some for Christmas!), and you’ll smell fabulous and not at all like beef and cheese. Hopefully.

2. Choosing an outfit in the morning is getting gradually more and more impossible.

Deadlines are driving you insane, and now you actually are expected to put on real clothes?! And they have to look nice???! Give up, buy a super fluffy, beautiful blanket like this one from Vera Bradley, and wrap it around yourself like a cloak over the top of your pyjamas. Wear it to lectures, wear it to your library sessions: basically, never take it off. It’s infinitely more comfortable than real clothes.

3. You haven’t spoken to another human being in literally days.

In fact, you’re no longer 100% positive that when you try to speak, noise will come out. Too many hours in the quiet section of the library have officially dried up your vocal chords. Find some form of human interaction before you truly crack and start talking to yourself, even if you just end up sitting in the kitchen until a housemate walks in. You gotta give your brain a break every now and again, and an hour or so chilling out with a friend will make all the difference to your stress levels. 

4. Your stress eating habits are getting out of hand…

You might not be eating regular meals of sugary candy with spaghetti, but those regular trips to Dominoes are probably just as terrible for your body and your brain.Ideally, you need lots of vitamins and fresh fruit and vegetables, but fast food is so much more convenient.  If you’re lucky enough to live near a Chipotle, head over there for some cheap, delicious and nutritious food. Here in Falmouth, however, we’ll have to settle for (the equally delicious) Habaneros.

 You’ll be surprised how many times you can cure an essay induced freak out session just by eating a really great burrito. Plus, studying burns loads of calories, right? 

5. …And all the junk food you’ve been eating has caused you to break out.

That’s the problem with greasy food: not only will it make you feel a bit gross, but it’ll also make your skin unhappy. In the end, it betrays us all, especially when combined with super high levels of stress. Make sure you’ve got a trustworthy skincare routine set up that will keep you covered during the tough deadline weeks, and use a reliable treatment like Proactiv’s 3 step Core System

6. You are losing absolutely everything that you own.

Your life is a mess, and so is your room, because when one part of your life starts falling apart, another will swiftly follow suit. Nothing can rival the pure horror of getting on the bus, only to realise that your student card is buried beneath piles and piles of library books on your desk, and then you’re forced with the dilemma of either paying the full price bus fare, or heading home to retrieve it. The trick here is to stay organised: pack your bag for uni the night before, and make sure you always have some money and the essentials (like your student card!) ready to go. Perhaps invest in a nice new card holder that you can keep in your pocket at all times, like this one from Vera Bradley – it’s super cute, and it’s super convenient.

7.  Your immune system has hit rock bottom. 

One too many late nights studying and one too few healthy dinners makes for an unhappy immune system. Because what’s one thing that makes deadlines infinitely worse? The addition of a stuffy nose, of course! Make sure you’re well stocked up on cold medicine, like Cold-Eeze, and you can power through the hard work and not let a sore throat bring you down. 

We were lucky enough to recieve many items this semester in our Her Campus Finals Survival Kit to help us get through our own deadlines, and we don’t know how we’d have survivied without them! We can’t thank our sponsors, or Her Campus, enough for all the wonderful gifts! Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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