How to be Happy and Single on Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. What a horror.

Even the couples are strained by the word and by the expectations that come with it when one is in a relationship; they’ve got to make plans and buy gifts.

My parents got married on Valentines Day (though they only realised a few days afterwards) so we already have the events covered at home.

But what do I do down here?

Down in beautiful Cornwall, what should the happily unmarried and single people get up to while making sure to avoid the consumerism associated with "the day of love"? 

Here are a few ideas for you all…

1. Withnail and I Drinking Game

This is not for the faint-hearted. If you have a strong liver, you’ll still need to borrow someone else's. The aim of the game is to match Withnail drink for drink and try to make it to the end of the film in one piece. If you were feeling bummed out about Valentine's, this is the drinking game that'll make you forget everything, up to and including your own name. 

Note: you don’t have to drink lighter fluid when he does.

2. Enforced Platonic Friends Night

Everyone has that one friend who is part of the couple who never lets go of each other when you have a movie night. Break them up for the night!

Everyone who attends chills out as friends; no snuggling, kissing, or any other such coupling is allowed. It really opens up the friendships, and there’s no pressure to find someone with whom to spend the night. Note: anyone found getting flirty has to take a dirty shot.

3. Family Love Valentine’s

Let’s do something for the people you love without thought. Your parents deserve flowers as much, if not more, than that guy who sits in that corner of class. Your big sister could really do with some chocolates right about now. Your new baby brother? He’ll love you with every breath he takes for the rest of his little life.

Show some love to the people who will always be there, after all the boys and girls and everyone in between.

Note: this also includes pets. Your dog could do with a chew on a love-bug too.

4. You Time

At the end of every Valentine’s, you know who’s always there for you? You.

You deserve some flowers too, after all. Your fancy self deserves that new perfume, or a mani-pedi, or a new puppy.

You gotta love yourself before you can love someone else, so get cracking!

Personally, my Valentine’s this year includes a field trip to Glendurgan National Trust with my history course so we can take a look at heritage sites being damaged by the sea. My partner (on Exeter main campus) will be receiving an engraved whiskey glass because it's our 2 years and six months anniversary. Other than that, it’s just another day; Valentine’s should not have the right to guilt couples into extra-expensive affection.

Love everyone, on every day, to the best of your ability. No pressure.