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Frisbee Fanatic, George Perry

Meet this week’s ‘Campus Cutie’ George Perry!

Name: George Perry

Age: 18

Course: Politics & International Studies

Hometown: Poole, Dorset.

Hey George, So you’re from Dorset, you’ve moved from one place by the sea to another, you must love the beach? Well, I was born in London but I call Poole my home now. Yes I love the beach.

What is your favourite thing to do at the beach, now the weather has brightened up? Well at home I like to cycle down to the beach with a huge group of friends and play volleyball/ throw a frisbee about, go in the sea, take pictures and stuff. Really looking forward to doing all that here!

Tell me more about your photography, what do you like taking pictures of? Well I used to do a lot more photography a few years back, I took pictures of everything. But I can’t seem to find the time much any more but take my old film cameras with me around Falmouth and to the beach. So mainly just my life now!

So Frisbee? That’s not an obvious hobby. Is that something you take quite seriously? Both my older brothers played at uni so I’ve been immersed it in for about 4 years now. I couldn’t wait to play properly at uni. It’s a great sport with a close knit but open community that I do take seriously (I am running for President of the committte for next year) but also have fun with!

What is your favourite post work out meal? Haha, ‘work out’! Well I’m a vegetarian so lots of curry, stir fry, risotto but falafel couscous with grilled vegetable is my favourite!

Why did you take the leap to vegitarianism? Well it had been in the back of my mind for a few years, I worked with and knew a lot of vegetarians and it got me thinking, but it was quite an impractical choice while living with my family. Now that I cook for myself, and have a vegan flatmate, it’s not as difficult! I don’t need meat and I’m happy without it!

What are your plans for the summer? Well I have lots of potential plans so we’ll see what actually ends up getting done! Hopefully I will be going interailing for a month with a friend, to a few festivals, maybe a trip to France and spending some time in our house in Cornwall.

Can you speak French? Well I lived there for 5 years so I’m fluent in it, which made GCSE and A-level easy! I love going back there chatting with old friends and local people.

What has been the best moment of uni so far? Probably playing in Indoor Club Regionals for the1st Ultimate team, we played really well against some tough, experienced teams and it was a great weekend overall!

Finally, how does it feel to have been picked for ‘Campus Cutie’? It is an honour and a privilege!

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