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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter Cornwall chapter.

Writing is a catharsis through which you can express your inner self and convey your ideas and perspectives to the outside world. If you have a plethora of rich and innovative ideas that you are desperate to share with the world, then you should consider publishing your writing to gain a wider reading platform, as well as sharpen your writing skills and boost your CV.  Whether you are an essay or short story writer, a poet or a novelist,  here are four fabulous writing contests that may well quench your thirst for writing. These competitions, despite being highly competitive and requiring earnest commitment, do provide tempting and irresistible prizes. Money, recognition certificates, meeting the world’s most brilliant writers and leaders or honorific ceremonies,  just to name a few, are some of the awesome prizes that you could be entitled to if you win one of these competitions. 

1.  Goi Peace Foundation – International Essay Contest for Young People.

Are you interested in essay writing? Are you interested in making a positive change in your community and in the world? If your answer is definitely yes, then the Goi Peace Foundation essay is the optimal choice for you! This essay contest is organized by this foundation to aid in the important actions of  the UNESCO Global Action Program (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). It is designed to encourage young people to write and share their creative ideas, and urge their communities to learn from these youths. The winners and the runner-ups will receive significant cash prizes and certificates. Even if you do not win, don’t worry, all participants receive elegantly designed certificates of recognition. More information can be found on their website, as well as why as details on the importance of the contest’s aims. 

 2. World Youth Essay Competition 2018

If you feel daunted by participating in such a worthy cause as the competitiion presented above, but still wish to stay in the realm of essay writing, this is the perfect contest for you. This particular contest is designed for high school and university students who may wish to share their innovative and groundbreaking ideas with others. There are no topic restrictions and you are free to write about anything that falls within the aspects of society, environmental issues, science and technology, global affairs, and more. This essay contest also offers amazing prizes. The successful submissions will receive money prizes, certificates, and interviews with journalists to inspire the youth in the world. To spice it up a bit, all participants and finalists will receive a special finalists certificate with the jury’s notes and opinions on their writing. 

 3. Sustainable Societies Short Story

If you are a fan of writing short stories and have loads of imaginary and creative ideas, then the Sustainable Societies Short Story Contest is an interesting choice.  It is all about imagining a future society with different twists and turns, and all stories must include elements of sustainability. The events do not have to be gloomy or dystopian, for you are encouraged to think positively and expose insightful ideas about your vision of future societies and future sustainability.  Similar to the previous competitions, this competition offers good cash prizes and the chance to be published to the winning submissions.

4. Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest

Writing poetry can be challenging and may seem daunting to people but it offers a unique opportunity to organise your thoughts and emotions into an appealing and artistic style. Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest is a brilliant way to share your poems with different readers; whether they are poetry experts or ordinary poetry lovers. This contest also provides monetary prizes for the winners,as well as the chance  to have your winning poem published online. If you have a soft spot for poetry and writing in artistic yet humorous style, then this competition should be the best for you.

Be bold, smart, creative and venture out into the writing world with your creative ideas. Who knows, one of these competitions coul change your life path and guide you towards a future writing career!