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Campus Cutie: Oussama Kardi

I managed to squeeze in a couple of minutes with our Campus Cutie for the week, Oussama, to find out a bit more about him.

Oussama is a busy man- he is currently President of the Islamic Society, a member of the FXU Election crew and a team member of FXU’s football team (“I’m the joint top goal scorer for the team”, he stated proudly, before he added, laughing,  “I’m also their smallest player”). However, he also takes time to maintain his taekwondo skills. “ I’ve done taekwondo for eight years” he explained, “its actually my goal to compete in the 2020 Team GB team.” Whether this stems from some cousinly rivalry – “my cousins have won medals for Team GB”, he explained – or rather a desire to follow in their footsteps, it is an admirable goal and one that it would be amazing to see him achieve. “I also try to go to the gym whenever I have time, which isn’t actually that much, believe it or not” he said, “especially now in second year.”

As a second year Politics student, is our Campus Cutie enjoying this year? “I mean yeah, of course” he said, “but it’s a lot more demanding. I’ve found a lot more is expected of you this year, and its been tough to juggle things a bit, you know?” he explained. “Trying to juggle your studies with extra-curriculars and your social life and sleep and food” he laughed, “you can’t forget sleep and food!” Clearly, our Cutie has his priorities right on line. Oussama has big aspirations for post graduation it seems. “I know it sounds really clichéd…” he started, “but I’ve always had this dream that I want to change the world, and I feel like the best way to achieve this change is through politics….I mean I’d like to work in politics of some sort, you know, not necessarily becoming an MP, but just in some way – maybe working for an NGO or a charity or something?” he said. The dream is big, but if our campus cutie won’t do it, who will?

Dreams of world changing politics pondered upon, I asked Oussama to try to come up with something surprising about him, or something someone wouldn’t necessarily assume upon meeting him for the first time. As well as his unlikely (his words, not mine) sporting ability, Oussama brought up his international background. “I have three passports? Come on, that’s pretty exciting right?” he laughed. “I was born in the capital of Burkina Faso”, he explained, “although I can’t spell it out for you, so I’m going to have to Google it” he said. After a quick search we identified Ouagadougou, in all of its 274,200 square kilometre glory. With such an international background, he must be something of a linguist? “I can speak fluent Arabic and I’m pretty good with my French, which is pretty useful for Politics. Also it would probably come in handy if I ever wanted to be a spy”, he explained, laughing. “It should also be noted that I can make a pretty mean hot chocolate”, he added.

My last question for this Campus Cutie presents him with a scenario. If he had a night free from university work and unlimited funds, what would he do? “Honestly, I would go and try to put smiles on peoples faces. I’d go up to people and be like, ‘Hey, if there is anything right now that I could pay for that would make your life easier, what would it be?’ you know? Say if someone really wanted to take their parents out for dinner or something and just couldn’t, I’d go and help out. Maybe pay someone’s rent or something, just do some real good with it, you know?”

Who could resist this week’s kind-hearted Cutie? Whether he’s a single pringle or not, Oussama deserves some love.



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