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Campus Cutie: Oliver Davey

I am incredibly honoured to introduce our Campus Cutie, Olly Davey! While you may have just missed out on a Valentine’s Day date with this handsome chap, he’s looking for a lady so do not despair. To find him just follow the queue of ladies; this batchelor is a catch and you’re going to be up against some stiff competition to reel him in. Though busy with his duties as RAD President, Olly has assured me that he’ll make all the time in the world for a lucky lady. Have a look below to get to know him better, and then act fast before he’s snapped up.

What’s your earliest memory? Apparently when I was a toddler I convinced my Dad that I had swallowed a pound coin. Consequently I was rushed to A & E where it became clear that the pound coin I had swollen was actually a chocolate coin. I started my trolling days early it seems.

If you were an animal what would you be? Maybe an elephant? Although I do forget stuff quite often.

What’s your biggest achievement since starting university? Genuinely have no idea; this self-evaluating stuff is really hard.

Tell us about RAD? RAD is responsible for all of the student fundraising that happens on campus. It’s the equivalent of a university RAG but we call it RAD because we think it sounds edgier. Our aim is to improve the university experience by creating life-long memories, and in doing so raising money for some fantastic charities. Right now our charity of the term is The Invictus Trust a local charity that aims to help young adolescents with mental health issues in Cornwall.

We have just finished RAD Week, which was a week full of RAD activities such as speed dating, FIFA tournaments and a RAD valentines delivery; the proceeds of which are all going to The Invictus Trust. Before the end of term we are staging a 3 Peak Challenge alongside The Expedition Society, as well as a massive clothes swap with the feminist society, not to mention Rally4ShelterBox in the summer term! If you would like to get involved or simply keep up to date with RAD activities you can find us on Facebook at ‘FXU RAD’, we’ve always got stuff going on so GET INVOLVED!

Do you have any plans for the future? Work abroad, fall in love, and influence the world. Not much.

What would be the first three things you bought if you had a million pounds? Money doesn’t particularly interest or motivate me, but I could definitely do with some driving lessons. And maybe some more black T-shirts.

If you could be in a film, which one would it be and why? Gladiator. I’ve got a weird obsession with that film.

What’s your favorite thing about going to University in Falmouth? I think the contrast of living in Falmouth and where I live in London means that I’m always excited when I’m travelling from one to the other.

What would your perfect Valentine’s Day date be? There’s a famous old Jazz club called Ronnie Schott’s quite close to me in Soho, I imagine that would be an awesome place to take someone on a date. If I were a girl, I would surely melt.

 If you could take any celebrity out for Valentines who would it be? It’s a no contest. Emma Watson.

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