The 7 Types of Snow People

The snow has officially hit everywhere in the UK, and chances are, you’ve probably seen sights like this:

You’ve also probably met all of these types of snow people. Enjoy the weather, wrap up warm, and discover what kind of snow person you are.

1. The Artist

For you, the snow is the most beautiful thing in the world. Everything looks so new and peaceful, and there’s nothing you love better than to grab your wellies and go on a walk to enjoy the weather. Maybe you’ll write a poem about it later. But, of course, you’ll be taking a zillion pictures to put on Instagram – how else will anyone else be able to appreciate the snow unless you post evidence of it with a poignant black-and-white filter?

2. The Snow-Hater

You’re about as far opposite from the Artist as you can possibly get. You hate the snow. You just hate it. There’s no worse feeling than waking up in the morning and seeing a layer of the dreaded white stuff on the ground. Unlike other people, you know that what looks like some beautiful, peaceful scenery now is going to turn to ice and slush that you’re bound to slip on later. The sooner it all melts, the better.

3. The Snow-Sports Pro

The snow always has the effect of turning you back into an excitable five-year-old. You might be doing something tame, like building a massive snowman or challenging your friends to a snowball fight. Most likely, though, you’re using a baking tray as a makeshift sled to career down every slope in sight, even if it leads into a main road. Your enthusiasm is infectious, so everyone is likely to have a good snow day when you’re around. But you’re also most likely to catch a cold from staying outside for too long, so they’re probably going to catch that too.

4. The Prankster

A snow day isn’t a snow day unless you’re being a little mischievous. It could be some ice dropped down the back of the neck, or a run-by snowballing incident. Whatever prank you play, it doesn’t matter as long as you get a laugh out of it. Just prepare yourself for not being the most popular person in your friendship group for a while.

5. The ‘Frozen’ Quoter

To paraphrase a more disturbing piece of popular culture: ‘Frozen’ is love, ‘Frozen’ is life. The snow is just another excuse to bang on all your roommates’ doors and sing ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’, or build several mini-Olafs. Maybe you’ll even attempt to make your own ice palace. Some people might tell you that the references are getting too much, but they need to make like Elsa and let it go.

6. The Foodie

You might take part in some (or all) of the other activities in this article, but ultimately, your main priority is food. For you, the best part of a snow day is being sat at the window, a thick hot chocolate with plenty of cream – and maybe a shot of Baileys or two – warming your hands, watching the puffy white flakes float to the ground. A cheese toastie with some soup will be perfect for lunch, and for dinner, something rich and hot like a mac and cheese or a lasagne will hit the spot every time. To be honest, you’ll eat anything as long as it comes with a whole block of cheese, but it tastes even better when there’s snow.

7. The Snuggler

As much as you love the snow, what you love most about the weather is how much better being warm feels. Maybe you’ll go outside for a bit, but your favourite part of the day is wrapping yourself in a three-blanket-thick burrito and sticking on your favourite film for an icy day. With the central heating turned right up, and your friends curled up on the sofa next to you, you’re never going to want it to stop snowing.