6 Famous Women to Remember on International Women’s Day

Today is International Women's Day, a day to celebrate all women and their own unique awesomeness. Despite the fact that it is a mere symbolic day to show respect and regard to women, it doesn't adequately make up for all the challenges and hardships that women have experienced throughout history and even in modern times. In fact, regardless of all these challenges, a number of inspirational women rose up past society's standards of female behaviour and social position and made a name for themselves in history. So, here are just some of the women worth remembering on this very important day. These six women defied all the cultural and social traditions and norms that restricted the female sex for a long time, and all come from different walks of life - whether from religious or spiritual positions, to the military and medical professions, as well as ordinary women. 

Hildegard of Bingen, also known Saint Hildegard, was a German Christian mystic, philosopher, writer, composer, and poet. An important multi-talented woman, she earned herself a revered position within the Christian Church during the dark ages of Europe. She mostly lived a life of seclusion, yet her poetry, philosophy, music, and writing were highly influential, even in the modern ages. This is a woman who was even consulted by Popes and kings for her advice and wisdom. 

Florence Nightingale was a famous medical professional and an accomplished statistician. She is best known as the founder of modern nursing. While serving in the Crimean war in the nineteenth century, Nightingale came to prominence with her eager and earnest care for the wounded soldiers, which lead to significant improvements in their treatment and overall health. Her devotion to her nursing position and her patients gave a better profile to this profession, and more attention was hence paid to women in medicine. 

Rosa Parks was a famous black American activist of the 1950's civil rights movement that began in Alabama. Her story started when she refused to give up her seat in the colored section of the bus, after the white-only area was filled.  This small incident that took place in Alabama indirectly made a major impact on the civil rights legislation of the entire United States. She became a leading character in the civil rights movement due to her peaceful activism and courage in the face of obstacles. 

Djamila Bouhired: Despite living under the mercy of the ruthless French colonialists and coming from a middle-class Algerian family, Bouhired decided to unleash her revolutionary spirit and join the young voices fighting to liberate their country from the French. She is considered to be a famous female Algerian nationalist despite only being a young student. She joined the revolutionary forces and worked as a liaison agent. Although she was captured and tortured by the French army, she never divulged any information and kept repeating to her captors “Algeria is our Mother”.

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani young girl who defied the social restrictions of the Taliban threats and fights for the female right of education. She is considered to be the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate due to her continuing activism and influence in the social and political fields of today. Despite being almost fatally wounded, she eagerly pursued her goals to achieve education for Pakistani girls and thus became a global leading character for women’s rights. 

You, Me, Us; all Women: It shouldn't seem strange that the sixth woman in this list is you or me or any other women around the world. Despite being ordinary women with no remarkable or influential achievements, we still make extraordinary achievements in our every day lives, and at every moment. Mothers, wives, daughters, female students and workers; we all meet and confront incredible challenges, and we work harder to realize our dreams and overcome the hardships we encounter. Unfortunately, lots of women around the world still experience unbelievable issues and cultural restrictions due to their gender. These can include banishment from basic and secondary education, as well as from work, any form of sexual harassment, sexism, discrimination, violence, and commodification for entertainment purposes, just to name a few. Do not be ashamed or feel helpless because you're women, it is your, my and our time to be both empowered and strong in our identities.