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5 Halloween Outfit Inspirations

Whether you’re dressing up for a party this weekend or going trick or treating on the night of Halloween, finding a costume can often be a source of last minute panic. There are various ways that you can tackle Halloween costumes, the easiest being to do a quick internet search and find whatever high street brands have a Halloween themed line this year. I opted for this lazy option by ordering a cheap Pumpkin jumper online, which I’m sure will be treasured for many years to come.

Alternatively, you could opt to be the joker of your group and find something slightly wacky and harder to wear on public transport. You could make use of online next day delivery and dress up as everybody’s favourite Halloween item: the humble Pumpkin.

Game of Thrones costumes have been popular ever since the show started, made all the more easier now by the revelation that you can re-create a Northerner’s cloak by using an IKEA rug. Pick up a cheap brown or black bed sheet, find something fluffy or feathery to attach to it, hunt around for a curly wig or invest in some black coloured hair spray, and complete the Jon Snow look by drawing on some bearded stubble with a marker pen. 

Alternatively, opt for the more cliche costume by dressing up as a nun. Make use of that black dress you’ve probably got lying around, make a cardboard cross and attach it to a piece of string, then substitute an old pillowcase for a nun’s wimple. Voila, nun at the ready. 

If you fancy getting a bit more creative, look up some video tutorials on simple Halloween face painting. Animal faces, eyes drawn over closed eyelids, and simple bloody scars can often be created using make-up you’re likely to already have: eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick. The button eyed folk of the ‘other world’ from the movie Coraline – minus the blue wig – is easily re-creatable by using black eyeliner to draw buttons on your eyelids, and then extend your lip line using the same eyeliner or some dark lipstick. Even if you don’t aim to look like Coraline, you’ll still end up looking pretty creepy!


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