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5 GIFs of Baby Animals to Get You Through Deadlines

Deadlines are fast approaching or already here for many of us. It’s a time of stress and no doubt about it. Thankfully, we have the thoughts of Christmas and being with our family to get us through this difficult time. If that doesn’t seem enough for you, hopefully, these 5 GIFs of cute baby animals will help put a little happiness in your day, despite the massive amounts of work. 

1. Baby Pandas = Instant Cuteness

2. Look how fuzzy he is!

3. Dogs are the best…

4. Baby elephant rolling around in mud!

5. We all need a sloth in our lives.

Molly Griffiths

Exeter Cornwall '18

I grew up in Paris but was born in Ireland to an Irish mother and a British father. I'm literally obsessed with movies and literature. I also love animals and discovering new things.
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