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3 Easter Baking Ideas

This Easter Sunday falls on April Fool’s Day, which gives everyone who celebrates the holiday a chance to mess with their family members. Regardless of this, Easter is also a time for rediscovering one’s baking skills, whether by yourself or with your family. Somehow, I always find that there’s cake as well as chocolate involved in my family Easter dinners. So, here are 3 easy and quick Easter baking ideas (that don’t necessarily involve chocolate).

1. Prank Cupcakes

Cupcakes, in whatever flavour, are always a staple for a party or gathering. They’re easy to make, and you get to decorate and customise them as you wish. Considering the date of Easter this year, why not also take the opportunity to play a fun trick on your family and friends? This could involve hollowing them out after they’ve cooked, or using a different ingredient. There are plenty of cupcake recipes to be found online, and the prank of course remains up to you!

2. Easter Nests

These are a very popular thing to make around Easter, even Cadbury’s has gotten in on it! The association with eggs and birds that always comes with Easter is quite prevalent with this particular tasty treat. They also don’t have to necessarily involve chocolate. The difficulty lies mainly in making them crunchy, some recipes recommend using cereal and others recommend using biscuits or cookies to double up on the sugariness and general indulgence of the holiday itself. 

3. Hot Cross Buns

These may seem like a strange thing to make on Easter, but they are quite a popular snack in Australia at this time of year. They also allow for your creative side to shine through because you can switch up the traditional recipe and make them different flavours or even add things like chocolate chips ( or Mini Eggs) into the mixture. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous with your baking, you could also make them into fun shapes! 

Happy Easter! 


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