Yummy Winter Treat Ideas

Yummy Winter Treat Ideas

By: Katherine Drumm-Schwartz


In my opinion, the winter holidays have the best food. Mashed potatoes and stuffing at Thanksgiving, and hundreds of different types of delicious cookies and breads at Christmas. However, Thanksgiving falls in late November, and Christmas isn’t until the last week of December, which means we have a month in between these holidays. It’s important to make sure that we continue to consume yummy treats in between these two holidays. Here are some creative and delicious winter themed treats to try out!


The first winter treat idea is perfect if you’re a hot chocolate lover like me. This first one is a cute marshmallow snowman. Why use plain, boring marshmallows when you can make a cute snowman to have in your hot chocolate! All you need for this is some marshmallows for the body, pretzels for the arms, a small orange candy for the nose, and some black icing for the button and eye details!


The second treat is perfect for hot chocolate as well! These chocolate covered candy canes are so simple that the two ingredients are in the title! All you need is a candy cane and some melted chocolate to dip it in!


The next yummy winter treat is a wintery chex mix! All you need for this recipe is some Chex, some pretzels, some white cheddar cheez-itz, and some blue and white m&ms! This chex mix will make a wonderful wintery snack. The perfect balance of sweet and salty!


Not only is this last treat freaking adorable, it’s healthy too! The main ingredient in this recipe is bananas. All you need is a banana, some melted chocolate, some orange m&ms, and some icing for the eyes! These penguins are so easy to make too! Just dip the ends in chocolate, add some orange candies, use some icing for the eyes and you’re done!