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You Simply Have to Watch A Star Is Born

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

You Simply Have to Watch A Star Is Born

Riley Jenson

The newly released film, A Star Is Born, is filled with beautiful music, a captivating plot, and a love so strong it will bring you to tears. The latest rendition of this film was directed by Bradley Cooper, who doubles as the seasoned-musician, Jackson Maine. The lead female role, Ally, a talented, undiscovered artist, is played by Lady Gaga.


This film was Gaga’s first major on-screen role, and she killed it. Cooper, who I was surprised to learn can really sing, and Gaga’s voices blend perfectly to create a truly fantastic soundtrack for the film.  


There is no denying the chemistry Gaga and Cooper share on-screen; they two were a perfect match for the film.


The film begins with a performance by Cooper’s character, Jackson Maine. You’ll be shocked at first to hear his deep, raspy voice, but in the end, Cooper’s voice change really makes the character. After his show, Jackson Maine finds himself in a drag bar where Ally is performing. The two lock eyes and from that moment on, they’re never apart.


Jackson Maine, a well known country-esque singer, takes the rising star, Ally, under his wing. The two ultimately fall in love, and both help each other find the best in themselves. Ally, who starts as a timid song-writer, who doesn’t perform her own songs, is pulled on stage by Jackson. Jackson gives her the extra push she needs to begin her claim to fame. On the other hand, Ally creates a sense of structure for Jackson, and helps him with his ongoing struggle with drugs and alcoholism.


A Star is Born, captures the vulnerability of stardom and how intense the limelight can be. Jackson and Ally begin their journey in perfect harmony, but the second Ally gets noticed, things begin to change. As Ally’s fame grows, Jackson’s life begins to spiral out of control. The film follows their life together and exemplifies the impacts drugs, alcohol and fame, and how together, they may very well change someone’s life.


A Star is Born is a must see. You will laugh, smile, and cry; but you will most certainly fall in love with the characters, the soundtrack, and the most certainly Oscar-winning film.

Riley Jenson

Endicott '20

I am a senior at Endicott with a major in Marketing Communication/Advertising and a minor in Professional Writing. I'm passionate about writing and the fashion industry. My dream is to move to New York City.
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