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Winter Bucket List

Winter is such an exciting time and is full of happy holidays spent with family. I personally am more of a summer and beginning of fall kind of gal but, regardless of the cold, I am very excited for the rest that this upcoming season has to offer! Here is my winter bucket list with what I am looking forward to this winter!


Put up your Christmas Tree

If you are living at college and you can’t have a big tree in your dorm room, you can always get a cute little fake tree that can sit on your desk!


Watch Elf

Would it even be Christmas time without watching Elf?!

Bake Cookies

Nothing is better than homemade chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk by a warm fire while watching a Christmas movie.


Drink Hot Chocolate

Not a big fan of cookies and milk? Go for nice hot cup of hot cocoa!


Make Gingerbread Houses

Fun fact: Besides when it was required to do during class in elementary school, I have never made a gingerbread house for fun before.


Listen to Holiday Music

Something about listening to Christmas music just makes me so happy. You bet that once it is December 1st, I will be playing Justin Bieber’s old Christmas album, along with the rest of Christmas classics, every day.

Have a Snowball Fight

I remember when I was younger, my two older brothers and I would each make a fort and have the most intense snowball fights.


Go Ice Skating at Frog Pond in Boston Common

I love skating, and this is something I really want to do this winter!


Movie Night

There is nothing I love more in the winter than snuggling up in pjs and warm blankets and watching a good movie.


Give a Secret Santa Gift to Someone

I am doing secret santa with my friends from school and my friends from home and I cannot wait to see their reactions when I give them their presents!


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