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Why Thanksgiving Should be Your New Favorite Holiday

Why Thanksgiving Should be Your New Favorite Holiday

By Liz Dooher


The Food

Obviously the number one perk of thanksgiving is the food. From the turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce to the mashed potatoes, corn, and rolls thanksgiving food tops all other holiday feasts. And not to mention the widespread selection of pies like apple and pumpkin topped with ice cream whip cream. Yum!




The Fall Weather

Not only do you get enjoy the wonderful thanksgiving feast, you get to enjoy the crisp fall air of the season. Enjoying the outdoors is the perfect way to work up an appetite for the delicious thanksgiving food. And who doesn’t love crunching the colorful leaves and jumping in leaf piles?





Another plus of the weather during thanksgiving is watching football. Whether it’s gathering together and watching a football game on television or going out to a football game near you the fun is endless.


No Post Holiday Blues

After, Christmas and New Years follows post holiday blues, sadness that the holiday time is over. After Thanksgiving however, you have the rest of December to be merry and look forward to. Thanksgiving isn’t the end but rather it’s the beginning of the holiday season!


Family and Friends

Of course all these traditions and fun aren’t complete without family and friends. Our family and friends make this wonderful holiday complete and gathering together really does make us realize how grateful we are for the people in our life.


Hi my name is Elizabeth Dooher. I am a junior at Endicott College studying hospitality management. I enjoy running, reading, baking, traveling and hanging out with friends.
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