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Since arriving at Endicott College, I have been able to meet so many people who love Literature and teaching as much as I do! The one thing I’ve noted, that appears to be common among all of the English majors, is that we all have a favorite type of pen. 

My personal favorite is the sharpie felt tip pen. They come in packs of three at Target and cost $4.99. I know this because every time I go to Target, I buy a pack. At this point it’s an addiction, but I honestly don’t care and here’s why: The pen a person chooses to write with matters. A good pen doesn’t smudge, keeping your papers neat and organized. A good pen makes your handwriting look neater than it usually is. For me, a good pen motivates and inspires. 

I have always loved writing in the same way that I love to talk. It is an expression and an outlet for me no matter the assignment. I enjoy taking hand-written notes and crafting meticulous outlines for assignments. 

It took a while to find the right pen for me, but when I did, it changed my perspective. The right pen made me feel smarter and confident, even though the pen you pick up and use is so seemingly insignificant. 

Emily Crain

Endicott '24

English Secondary Education Major Gender Studies Minor
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