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  1. I can keep my room as messy or as clean as I want (usually somewhere in the middle :)
  2. I can talk to my family (& my dogs!) on the phone or FaceTime and not worry about being too noisy
  3. I can watch TikTok, Netflix, and Disney+ (my current fav is Liv and Maddie) without headphones
  4. I can wake up whenever I want and not worry about alarms or waking up to a roommate’s alarm
  5. I can take naps when I want and don’t have to ask roommates to be on the quieter side
  6. I can go to sleep when I want to each night
  7. I don’t have to worry about a roommate borrowing my stuff without my permission
  8. I have full control over what temperature my room is (window open/shut, fan on/off)
  9. I have a (massive) closet all to myself
  10. I have plenty of room for the excessive amount of stuff I brought to college
  11. If I am having a bad day, I can cry or call my mom without feeling disruptive or embarrassed
  12. I can reorganize my room and belongings how I please
  13. I can go to my friends’ rooms when I want to and come back to my own room at the end of each day
  14. I can have friends/family visit my room and not have to ask for a roommate’s permission
  15. Most importantly, I have a great balance between alone time and time spent with friends
Eva Psiakis

Endicott '25

I am a freshman Endicott College student majoring in Marketing! I am especially interested in fashion and social media, as well as women-owned businesses.
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