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Why I Love Endicott College

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Picking out the perfect college is not an easy task for anybody and if by junior year, they claim to know where they are going, they are a liar. When I was in the eighth grade, I decided I wanted to go to Mount Ida University. This idea lasted longer than most, however, during my sophomore year of high school (or maybe earlier, i’m not exactly sure) the school closed down and I was forced to begin looking all over again. So that year, I decided I wanted to attend any of the following schools: Merrimack College, Endicott College, University of Vermont, Salve Regina, Regis College, UMass Lowell, Saint Anselm, or Springfield University. I ended up applying and getting into all of these schools, along with a few more that were out of my price range, however, this did not help me narrow down my decision as I hoped it would. 

I began going over everything I liked about each of the schools, similar to the way a child makes a pros and cons list of each option with which they are provided. In doing so, I was finally able to narrow my choices down to three: Merrimack College, Endicott College, and UMass Lowell. I didn’t have a lot of time left to make a decision and commit to a school, but luckily since I live nearby, I was able to go about the campuses one more time. 

It was through the quick little walk around I did, that I decided Endicott College was the school of my almost-dreams. I fell in love with the campus; the trees, the ponds, the fountains, and the geese. I also love the beaches, but to be honest, I’ve only been down there a few times since I got here over a year ago. For me, the campus just had really good vibes. Everybody was nice and so willing to help. I love the feeling of community that comes with a smaller, closed off school like Endicott. 

Since committing at Endicott, I have remained in love with this campus. I have met so many great people, and have had the best opportunities to work with highly intelligent professors. The only reason Endicott isn’t the perfect school is that it lacks the diversity I so greatly craved after having gone to a predominantly white high school. I value an education where I am able to have conversations and discussions with people who have different backgrounds. 

A school that feels so inclusive and promotes diversity, should actively search and create opportunities for a more diversified education and environment. I can tell however that school representatives are doing their best to reach the same goal that I have in my mind and I hope that they are able to make a real difference by the time I graduate.

Aside from that, I love Endicott and I wouldn’t be happier anywhere else. Go Gulls!

Emily Crain

Endicott '24

English Secondary Education Major Gender Studies Minor
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