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I am an English major. Therefore, everyone can assume that I enjoy reading and writing. However, nobody ever questions why. Why do I look forward to writing essays? Why do I want to analyze literature for a living? As a result, I decided to compose an original and thoughtful list that explains why I fell in love with writing.

Writing is subjective. In writing, there is no "right" or "wrong" answer. A single topic can be written about in an infinite number of ways. Similarly, a single piece can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways. I find it is incredibly fascinating that one's personal experiences can influence how one writes and reads any text.

Writing allows me to express myself. In social situations, I oftentimes struggle with communicating my feelings and opinions. It can be difficult for me to express exactly what I want without the time to process what I am asked or told. Therefore, I love that writing gives me the time to consider what I want to say and to then take the time to share that with the world. When writing, one can edit his or her work until complete satisfaction. This idea is especially admirable.

Writing is a challenging adventure. Writing makes my brain work unlike any other task or activity. I continuously overthink my word choice. I constantly play around with different sentence structures. I also consistently reconsider my organizational strategy. Although it can be mentally exhausting to transform my thoughts into a coherent piece of writing, I know that after I finish, I will always feel the same sense of satisfaction as a result of my hard work.

Writing has numerous purposes. Writing can be intended to inform, persuade, entertain, express, or describe. It also can serve as a therapeutic tool and can preserve personal memories. Depending on the purpose, it can be crafted in different ways. As a result, I love how writing can influence all aspects of life and can operate in various environments beyond a classroom. I think it is beautiful that writing can reflect such an extensive range of motivations.

Writing is inclusive. Writing is appealing because it can be as personal or as impartial as one wants it to be. Everyone has the ability to write anything from a short intimate narrative to a widely accepted best-selling novel. Essentially, anyone can be an author and everyone has the freedom to compose whatever he or she desires. I love that everyone can use writing as a tool to share their desires, hopes, or fears, as writing is a universal language.

Lauren Nielson

Endicott '25

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am the Editor in Chief and Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Endicott College. I hope you enjoy reading my articles!
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