Why I Chose to Celebrate Myself for this Valentine's Day

Valentines can be hard, especially if you are single. For some, it recognizes how alone and unsatisfied you are with your love life. For me, I have spent many Valentine's Days alone. Sure, I sometimes get sad at the fact that I don't have a Timothee Chalamet in my life that will spoil me with roses and chocolates. I mean it would be strange to never desire romantic acts of love from a significant other. However, I have learned to not focus too much on what I do not have and focus more on what I do- myself. 

When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of love. Love can mean so many different things to every person. However, for me this year, I chose to show myself some extra love. 

Looking back on the year 2020 (yikes), I realized how much of a mental shift I have had about myself and my view of the world. While I, and so many other people, experienced multiple major life changes, it forced me to become more self aware of my own thoughts and emotions. Realizing how lucky I am to have the simple pleasures in life made me pursue a deeper level of love for myself which allowed me to grow mentally. With this new sense of self-love, I went into 2021 excited to grow as a person. 

I started to look forward to February 14th just as the month began. I was excited to have an excuse to pamper myself. When the day finally came, I started by cleaning my room and working out. I know it may sound crazy to some that I look forward to cleaning but, for me it's therapeutic. Having a clean surrounding space allows me to have a clean mind. Working out also helped me feel mentally and emotionally balanced for the day. Then, I went with my friends to breakfast and to run errands. Spending time with the people I cherish and value is always a form of self-care for myself because it reminds me how much they support me and vice versa. After, I came back to my quiet dorm and I spent some time by myself. I always have been a little bit of an introvert so the thought of having alone time to catch up on homework is definitely a form of self care for me. Finally, I reconvened with my friends, and we ordered Chipotle and cake!! I am a lover of food so meals, especially this one, not only fed my stomach but also my soul.  

For me, self care is more than doing face masks and taking a hot shower after a long day. I believe self-care for me means pursuing things that make me move, bring me happiness, push me outside my comfort zone, reminds me how lucky I am, and fills me with gratitude. On Valentines Day this year, I choose to put myself first because at the end of the day, I know I can love myself more than Timothee Chalamet ever could.