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What’s on my Fall Playlist

Every month and/or season my favorite thing to do is make tons of playlists on Spotify (sorry Apple Music fans.) My taste ranges from Tyler the Creator to oldies music, so buckle up for some of my 5 fav music finds this fall.

Lights Up by Harry Styles

I couldn’t not put Harry’s new single as my number one song of my fall playlist!! Harry is one of my favorite male performers of all time and I really am digging his new single’s sound.

Lemon Boy by Cavetown

Cavetown is one of my new favorite artists I have been playing on repeat. Not only is he adorable, but every song sounds different. (check out Boys Will Be Bugs while you’re searching Cavetown.)

I’m Like a Bird Covered by Alessia Cara

This song is a Spotify single, but Alessia Cara’s voice fits too perfectly with this song for me to pass it up on my playlist. This song makes me feel like doing a facemask and cleaning my whole dorm. It gives off a real coffee shop-music vibe.

Tears Dry On Their Own by Amy Winehouse

If there’s one female artist I could bring back from the dead, it would be Amy Winehouse by a long shot. Her jazzy voice is timeless and is perfect for jamming out in the car. This song is from her Back To Black album which is worth checking out.

Demons by Hayley Kiyoko

I definitely still associate Hayley Kiyoko with Disney’s Lemonade Mouth, but her music aside from the movie happens to be some of my fav bops. Another single worth checking out is “Feelings,” which shows off Hayley’s vocal range and unique sound.

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