What to Expect on Homecoming Weekend

Endicott Homecoming Weekend is always a family affair, bring your mom, dad, siblings, distant cousins and even your pet! It definitely differs from what you will see at other schools… Here’s what you can expect:


  1. Callahan Brunch will be swamped with parents, who are now professional food critics telling you how amazing the food is and how they don’t understand why you say you don’t love it. They have to know the ice sculptures are not always there...

  1. A camel: Every year there are camel rides around the ponds, it is an Endicott Staple

  1. Alumni flooding the campus: Yes they are back and better than ever ready to tell you to enjoy your time because the real world is hard, they know that since they’ve been doing it for a whole six months now!

  1. The Carnival: keep your eyes peeled for the FREE cider donuts, they are great and they’re will also be other free spirit gear!

  1. When the parents leave and the sun goes down...the real party begins! Remember it is Halloweekend, so be safe, have fun and let’s get spooooky!