What College Boys Look for in Girls: As Told by Real Guys

Ahh...I believe that this is a question that many females are dying to know. In my experience college boys can be tricky to navigate, it’s hard to know what they want and what they’re thinking. Now I’m not going to just sit here and give you my advice because let’s face it, I’m not a guy. In order to give you the best information possible, I interviewed some of my guy friends to see what they look for in girls. Below are the six questions that they were asked and the answers I received.

  1. 1. Do you have (a) a girl friend, (b) want a girlfriend, or (c) just want to have fun and keep things casual?

    Person #1: B

    Person #2: C

    Person #3: A 

    Person #4: B

    Person #5: B

  2. 2. If you’re dating a girl in college, is it just for fun or is it because you see a future with her? (if you answered c for the last question, don’t answer)

    Person #1: “Because I see a future with her”

    Person #2: N/A 

    Person #3: “Because I see a future with her”

    Person #4: “Just for fun, I’m still young”

    Person #5: “I would want to just see where it goes, but ultimately I would want to see a future with her.”

  3. 3. What percentage is looks vs personality for you? (ex. 40% looks 60% personality)

    Person #1: 45% looks, 55% personality 

    Person #2: 50% looks, 50% personality 

    Person #3: 40% looks, 60% personality 

    Person #4: 55% looks, 45% personality

    Person #5: 30% looks, 70% personality

  4. 4. What is your biggest turn on? (one physical and one personality)

    Person #1: “I like when a girl is funny and when she’s able to laugh at her mistakes. I also really like short girls.” 

    Person #2: “I like funny girls, and I like girls who have really good style.” 

    Person #3: “I’m not sure about a physical one. I like it when a girl dresses nice. And personality would just be more of a caring kind of thing, like the little things, remembering stuff I  mentioned a while ago.”

    Person #4: “I like when a girl is outgoing and friendly. I want a girlfriend who can talk to anyone, especially my friends. I like when a girl has a good smile or pretty eyes.” 

    Person #5: “I like smart girls, and I like when girls have a good ass or good boobs. Both preferably.”

  5. 5. What is your biggest turn off? (one physical and one personality)

    Person #1: “I don’t really have a specific physical turn off. I guess I don’t like it when girls are rude, not just to me, but anyone.”

    Person #2: “I don’t like a girl who isn’t loyal. And if they have bad hygiene it’s a no from me.” 

    Person #3: “For a physical one I’d probably say bad personal hygiene. For personality wise it would be being unsteady for the sake of social approval. A girl should change things up for herself but shouldn’t let people change her, then it’s like I’m dating everyone who has an opinion.”

    Person #4: “. I don’t like it when girls don’t take care of their bodies. They don’t have to be a VS model, but they need to care about their health and fitness.” I hate it when girls are fake and self centered. I want a generous and caring girl.”

    Person #5: “I honestly don’t like it when girls are super super skinny. I want some meat on those bones. I like a curvier girl. Personality wise, I don’t like girls who are boring, I want them to have a cool life story or have a cool hobby or be passionate about something!”

  6. 6. Would you ever use a dating app? if yes, what would you be looking for on the app? (casual hook up, relationship, etc,) if no, why?

    Person #1: “Yeah I’ve used tinder for some fun hook ups, but lately I’ve been wanting more than that”

    Person #2: “I use tinder, but for casual hookups only.” 

    Person #3: “Nope, I don’t like the idea of looking at someone’s photo and a few lines and picking them out and playing the field. It makes it hard to feel special on both sides because of the fact that anyone on there is talking to so many people, plus it perpetuates a ton of surface level stuff that I don’t really like.” 

    Person #4: “Yeah I’m on tinder and bumble, it’s hard though because you never know what people are looking for on those apps. I’m open to anything.” 

    Person #5: “I’ve been thinking about downloading tinder, but personality matters a lot to me and tinder is all about physical attraction.