We've All Been Sleeping on Catie Turner

Many people (myself included) first heard Catie Turner’s angelic voice as they watched the trailer for Shane Dawson’s “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star”, released September 24th. However, being featured on the popular Youtuber’s channel is hardly the beginning of Turner’s career. She has been an active part of the music industry for a few years.

Turner first gained recognition by appearing on season 16 of American Idol. She made it to the top six and was a fan favorite. Following her elimination, the singer has toured with American Idols Live, opened for Meghan Trainor, and even headlined her own tour. 

The 19 year-old’s EP, The Sad Vegan, was released earlier this year. Although it is comprised of only six songs, The Sad Vegan is packed with emotions and told through a unique narrative voice. The lyrics throughout the album show listeners that Turner is a normal girl and serve as anthem for gen-z introverts. 

For more devoted fans, Turner is active on Instagram and Twitter as well. The singer uses social media to show off her relatable personality, be it through going thrift shopping or fangirling over other musicians. She also has a YouTube channel, Hashtag Catie, where she posts both covers and original music. 

Catie Turner is an up and coming talent steadily gaining the popularity she deserves. I wholeheartedly believe we’ll be seeing more greatness from her soon.