Turkey Day Arts & Crafts

Turkey Day Arts & Crafts

By: Lisamarie Demerjian


The week long break we’ve all been looking forward to… Thanksgiving. With the holiday right around the corner and midterms behind us, it’s time to settle down and relax with friends while making these cute arts and crafts for Turkey Day!


Tissue Paper Turkey

    This cute little crafty turkey is the easiest decor to spice up your refrigerator wall art. Here’s what you’ll need.White Cardstock, Tissue Paper – Autumn Shades of Orange, Red, Yellow and Brown, Glue Stick, Paint and Scissors.

    First, draw out a medium size 8. Then erase where the lines intersect. This will give you the best shape you need for the body. Second, draw five wings. Having and odd amount of wings looks better in my opinion. The facial features - eyes, beaks, a snood (red thing that dangles on their chins).


Next, paint the body and facial features of your own desire. I chose to do an orange color for brightness. Finally cut out the body, facial features and feathers. Glue the feathers to one side of the body as well as the eyes, beak and snood. Then take tissue paper of your color crumbled them. Finally just glue!


Autumn Fairy Lights

Most college dorms have the typical fairy lights hanging over the tapestry or above the bed. But change is up for the season. Create a Fall twist to it. The original material are collection of fall leaves, wax paper, iron Uhu glue, and String fairy lights. If you already have the string lights, you are in luck! If you don’t that’s okay too! Instead of actually leaves, I used fake leaves that I bought from an arts and crafts store at the mall. That way they don’t make a mess. Also, make sure your lights are for indoor use. What I did was glue (I used regular Elmers glue) the leaf in front of the fairy light.

For real leaves, you need to cover them in wax paper and iron the wax paper for a hot sec.  This allows the leaves to get a waxy coating to preserve them. Then you can glue and attach the leaves to the light

Welcome Sign

Let your fellow floormates know you and your friends are in the spirit.

What you need is chalkboard paint, fake leaves and bittersweet berries. All these items are very simply to come by at your local craft store.

Write a welcome message that lets other know that you and your friends occupy “that” space. Then decorate. It took me about 5 minutes and is self explanatory.