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If you are having trouble staying organized during the middle of the semester here are a few ideas to stay on top of your assignments and your busy schedule.

Utilize the Notes App on Your iPhone:


Use the notes function in your phone to write down your homework. Unlike the expense of buying a planner to write your homework in, the notes function is free if you have an iphone and it is also quick and easy to type on. However, it will not remind you when assignments are due so you have to make sure you check and update it.


If your college uses Canvas, your teachers will most likely post assignments online and you can check the “Canvas” app to make sure all of your assignments are passed in. You can also check to see when assignments are due. The calendar feature of canvas allows you to write down appointments and other assignments and it will show up under “to-do”.

Folders in Google Docs

You can create Google Docs folders for all of your classes and keep your notes and assignments for each class in their own personal folders. This will help you when it’s time for finals and when you want to see all your notes in one folder to study.

Date Your Notes and Seperate Them into Packets

When you have a big test coming up and your notes are scattered everywhere, try writing down the date on the day you take the notes so that you know when your notes were taken. Then you can organize all your notes by date and put them into a packet. Having all your notes condensed by date will help you study while staying organized.

Try Not to Wait Until the Last Minute to Complete Assignments


It sounds daunting, but if you try to get a head start on your work before the night before it’s due you will probably feel more relaxed and less stressed out. If you have a big test next week, instead of waiting until the night before, try to study four to five nights before the test for twenty to thirty minutes each night. This will get the information to stick in your brain and you won’t feel the need to cram or lose sleep. 

Hopefully one or more of these techniques will help you stay organized for the rest of the semester!

Lauryn is a sophomore studying Finance and Sport Management at Endicott College. When she’s not studying she can be found working as a lifeguard and swim instructor or working out. In the past Lauryn has volunteered for the Special Olympics swim team at her local YMCA as well as coached other swimmers. She also loves watching the Patriots, going to other sporting events, and shopping with friends!
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