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Tips from a Germaphobe: How to Avoid Getting Sick

We all have the same menace constantly lurking in the back of our minds everyday: COVID-19. If you are a germaphobe like myself, you may have felt even more anxious about germs and have felt paranoid about contracting an illness this year. Luckily for me, the past few years of being a germaphobe has served me well as I have managed to not get sick in almost two years *knock on wood*. Considering we are in a pandemic and everyone is sharing the same paranoia, I figured I would share my secrets on how to avoid getting sick with these tips and tricks I have learned.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I have a solid medical background, so I cannot promise you that if you do follow these tips that you will not get sick. These are just habits that I personally believe works for me. However, I hope that this information will help lessen your nervousness about your chances of getting an illness and to help not only you but the people around you to stay healthy.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth if your hands are not clean.

Make sure to wash your hands before touching these areas of your face to avoid bacteria from getting into your system.

Make sure to sanitize/wash your hands before you eat anything.

Like the previous tip, this will help prevent germs and bacteria from entering your system.

Sanitize/wash your hands immediately once you come back to your dorm.

This will help to avoid germs from being spread around your room.

Avoid touching door handles as much as you can.

I usually grab door handles with my sleeve. If you do have to touch door handles, make sure to avoid touching your face afterward and use hand sanitizer if you can!

Sanitize your electronic devices and tabletops at least once a day. 

I sanitize mine at least twice a day (in the afternoon and at night) since they are very high touch areas/objects for me. 

Do not share food or drinks with anyone.

If you're sharing food or drinks with your friends and/or family members and they get sick, there is a strong chance that you could also catch their illness.

Try to drink juice once a day.

This may sound a little odd compared to the other tips on this list, but I have been drinking apple juice almost every morning since the beginning of my freshman year and I swear I have not had a proper cold or anything worse since then. This may be a coincidence, but I believe the extra vitamin boast has helped improve my immune system.

Try to shower everyday.

I usually shower once a day just to wash away any bacteria that could be on my skin. Bonus tip: try to shower at night if you can to avoid getting any bacteria on your sheets and pillowcases when you go to bed.

Stay six feet away from people.

We have all been told this a hundred times since March, but please remember to keep a safe distance from people to avoid contracting or transferring germs.


We have also heard this phrase repeatedly in the past seven months. But seriously: wear a mask if you are around people. It is important to not only think of your own safety but for the safety of others. 


Stay safe!

Meghann Haley

Endicott '22

I am a marketing communications major at Endicott College!
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