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Things To Look Forward To In The Fall

Things To Look Forward To In The Fall

Katherine Drumm-Schwartz


Apple Picking

When I think of fall, apple picking is one of the first things that comes to mind. In early September as the leaves begin to change color, that’s when I always know that apple picking season has arrived. There’s something about picking your own apples that makes them taste so much better than the ones you buy at the grocery store! There are so many local farms that offer apple picking. Go with your friends or family and make it a fun adventure! At my favorite farm there’s also a hayride, a hedge maze, and some cute goats to feed. But the best part? The delicious food made by the freshly picked apples. Caramel apples, cider donuts, and warm apple cider. It’s incredible how these amazing treats are made from these precious fruits.


Pumpkin Patches and Carving Pumpkins

Another fun place to visit during the fall is a pumpkin patch. The farm near my house has apples and pumpkins so my family gets both in one trip. When we were little, my sister and I would spend hours walking up and down the pumpkin patch until we found the perfect pumpkin. Once you’ve found the perfect pumpkin you should take it home and carve it. It’s not halloween without a jack o’ lantern.



One of the most significant holidays in the fall is definitely halloween. Ever since I was little, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. Not just because of the candy, but because I loved getting dressed up to go trick or treating. In highschool and college, people don’t typically go trick or treating but they still dress up to go to parties! Deciding what you and your friends are going to dress up as and making or buying the costumes is always super fun.


Cute Fall Clothes

It’s always a little odd to transition from wearing bikinis and sun dresses to jeans and sweaters so quickly, but I think that fall weather calls for very cute clothing. Some of my favorite fall clothing items are scarves, hats, big cozy sweaters, and booties. In my opinion, a season change is a wonderful excuse to buy a few new items for your closet.


Festive Fall Decorations

I know that saying goodbye to the summer can be depressing. Goodbye sunshine and beach days and being tan. However, one of the best ways to welcome fall is to decorate your room with cute fall decorations. One of my favorite fall decorations are candles. Bath and Body Works sells so many amazing fall scents. Some of my favorite are sweet cinnamon pumpkin, champagne apple and honey, and crisp orchard leaves.


Football Games

My favorite thing about fall in high school was always the football games. Getting dressed up with my friends in whatever theme it was and going to the football games are some of my best memories from high school. Being in the stadium under the friday night lights is truly one of the best feelings in the fall.


Fall Photoshoots

It would be a shame not to take advantage of the amazing fall scenery! You’ve got pumpkin patches, apple orchards, trees with pretty leaves, which all make amazing backgrounds for some gorgeous pictures. So put on a scarf and some cute booties and get out there and take some pictures with your friends!



One of my favorite things to do in the fall is bake with my mom. When we would come home from the apple farm, we would always make delicious apple dishes! Apple pies, apple crisp, and baked apples, anything we could bake using apples, we would.



For as long as I can remember, Thanksgiving was spent at my grandparent’s house in New York. All of my aunts, uncles, and cousins would travel to their house to celebrate Thanksgiving. My Nana always makes a huge turkey, and all my relatives bring the delicious side dishes. Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pies, I swear I gain ten pounds after everything Thanksgiving meal. In addition to incredible food, Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to see your family.


The Christmas Countdown

You know what comes after fall? Winter. And you know what happens in winter. The best holiday of the year….Christmas! Immediately after Halloween, the Christmas decorations hit the shelves! Santa and candy canes and reindeers magically appear everywhere. The end of fall is the perfect time to start buying things for christmas. Whether it’s decorations or gifts for your loved ones!


I am a psychology major at Endicott College
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