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Things in my Relationship that just make sense

Sometimes, it’s so crazy to think I’ve found my #bestfriendandhusbandallinone (I know, cliche, but it’s true!)

I’ve been in Her Campus (roughly) as long as I have been in my long-term relationship with my partner! To keep his identity and privacy safe, I will be leaving his name out of this article, but I still think it’s important to touch upon the characteristics he embodies so you can get a pretty good picture about what he is like :)

He is truly the most selfless person I’ve ever met- so kind, sweet, compassionate, genuine, honest, real, and beautiful in and out. His smile lights up a room more than anyone else I’ve ever met, I adore his sense of humor… I wholeheartedly believe he is HANDS DOWN the funniest human on this planet (besides me of course) therefore making us the most hilarious couple on the face of this earth. To make matters even worse, he is also the smartest individual I know. Not only is he school smart, but he is people smart, which makes it so difficult to win in games where we have to lie to win. I could go on and on and on (obviously, but I just needed to make sure you knew how awesome he is!) Lastly, he’s the best communicator ever… and I mean, ever. He is calm, reasonable, and such a good listener. I am constantly learning from him how to be such a great communicator (both in and out of our relationship!)

Communication in any relationship is crucial to both parties, as it can clear up any mishaps or miscommunication. The two of us try to talk as much as we can, keep each other in the loop about all things going on and how we are feeling, while simultaneously allowing us both space and time to comprehend information, think about things, and the best way to respond!

With this being said, the first thing we do in our relationship that just make sense is always saying good morning and goodnight each and every day. I know it sounds basic and simple, but it is so accustomed in our relationship, to the point where we both get so excited to talk to each other first thing in the day. We could’ve both had the worst night sleep ever, but we always start and end the day off right by checking in with one another and saying hello :)

Next, at the beginning of our relationship, we made a handshake that means goodbye and I love you. Ours starts by linking pinkies and then touching thumbs and then we give one another a quick smooch hehe…

Another thing we do is we try to write one another letters on our anniversaries. Something small like this makes us both take time to reflect about the things we are grateful in one another while making sure we both know how we feel on our special day. This also allows us to communicate in a different form to one another. Sometimes, writing down things makes them even more meaningful, since you can have the words forever and ever. Every 27th of the month (since we officially started dating on October 27th) is “our day” and we always try to be with one another either on this day, the day before, or even the day after, and write each other a sweet note. Our love continues to grow each and every day, but especially every 27th through this form of communicating!

We both also have a running notes list on each of our phones of inside jokes, funny quotes, and sweet texts or sayings our partners say. This is really fun to look back at and see all the crazy things we both said in the past, but also to show how far our relationship has progressed. This is also very helpful for someone with a dory brain like me :)

Another must have in our relationship includes funny/silly nicknames for one another. Obviously, we have endearing ones, but coming up with funny and unique names to call your partner makes even just talking to them so much better! Plus, it’s a good way to cheer them up if need be.

Lastly, we always try to spend as much time with one another if we can! Life often gets busy, but being able to carve out even just 20 minutes together (preferably in person) both makes our day so! much! better!

We do a bunch of other things, like watch tv shows together (and through Teleparty if we aren’t together) and occasionally hide little trinkets and items around each others room for us to find, it’s all about making the most out of the small stuff. That’s what I think truly brings so much enjoyment, love, and constant spark into our relationship. I cannot wait to see where we grow and what is on our future, but one thing is for sure… there will be plenty of more fun things that we do that just make sense.

Selia Potas

Endicott '23

Hi friends! My name is Seal, I'm currently the President of Her Campus, and I'm so excited you're here!! I'm a junior art education major with a concentration in secondary education and a minor in creative arts therapy at Endicott College in Beverly, MA!
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