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The Best Ben and Jerry’s Flavors When You’re Alone on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. Are you craving something sweet, chocolatey, or just plain delicious? I’ve got the best ice cream flavors from Ben and Jerry’s that you should eat on this lovely night whether you are out on a date or watching a movie alone. (This year my movie of choice has got to be After).

Chocolate fudge brownie

For you chocolate lovers out there this is the pint for you. It is all chocolate ice cream with major amounts of brownie pieces… it is an absolute masterpiece and one of my personal favorites.

Chocolate chip cookie dough

This one’s for those who aren’t big into chocolate ice cream. Ben and Jerrys cookie dough will always be one of my favorite non chocolate flavors… especially now that you can buy a bag of just the dough so i always put extra in the pint. Delicious!

Brownie Batter Core

This has the perfect mix of both vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a soft brownie batter core. This is almost a mix of the last two flavors into one… just with brownies instead of cookie dough.

Brewed to matter:

For you coffee connoisseurs, brewed to matter will be the best coffee flavor you can get. You’ll get both your coffee and chocolate fix with a mix of fudge chunks and a brownie batter swirl. This one is my personal favorite on this list… It does seem all of these are personal favorites… oops.

Chocolate Shake It

If you want a mix of chocolatey and sweet, Chocolate Shake It is the one for you. This pint is a mix of a light chocolate milkshake ice cream with marshmallows and salted fudge… my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Cherry garcia

One last one for you dairy free peeps out there. I have heard from a very reliable vegan source that Cherry Garcia is Ben and Jerrys best dairy free flavor. This is a mix of cherry and chocolate, perfect for a Valentine’s Day alone.

Every single flavor of ice cream is great including ones not on this list; these are just the best in my opinion! Eat whatever makes you feel best and happy and have an amazing Valentines Day!

Hi! I'm Alexandra but everyone calls me Lexi! I'm a psychology major with a minor in creative art therapy here at Endicott and I am so excited to be writing for Her Campus!
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