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Surviving Freshman Year: Tips to Freshmen by a Freshman

How to Survive the First Few Weeks on Campus tips to freshmen by a freshman

Let me start by being honest, it was hard. Move in day was a day full of all sorts of emotions for everybody. It’s a combination of excitement, anxiety, sadness, and maybe even fear. Although many may not admit it to you if asked, but I’m sure the majority were terrified that day. Luckily, Endicott kept us busy the first few days on campus so I really didn’t have that much time to think about being homesick. Although to admit, I was and still am. As someone who loves being at home with my family, my dogs, and having my boyfriend only 15 minutes away, the first week was hard for me and it still isn’t as easy as everyone is making it out to be (though I think a lot of people are faking it).

I wanted to go home every day during the first week of being on campus. I’m slowly starting to adjust to being here, and the busier I am the easier it is for me. There were a few things that really helped me get through the week and I thought they might be helpful for everyone.

Say Hi to Everyone. It seems weird and intimidating, but the first few days on campus it was just freshman going through the same thing. Saying hi really made a difference. Not only does it allow you to potentially make friends, it might also make the person who is totally homesick at the moment feel welcomed. For me, it showed to other people that I am friendly and that I want to be open. Some of the same people who I said hi to the first few days say hi to me still when we pass each other on campus.

Meet Your Neighbors. The people on my floor are the majority of my friends on campus. My floor in Endicott Hall is a little quiet and people tend to leave their door closed. I leave my door open and some will come in and say hi and introduce themselves. You should also go introduce yourself to those who have their open too! I’ve made so many new friends by doing this, in fact, I have hung out with them pretty much every day since meeting them. We all just sort of filter through each other’s rooms, listen to music together, and get dinner. Honestly it’s great living two doors down from some of my best friends here.

Travel in Numbers. Such a stereotypical freshman thing, I know. The first week of classes people I knew in my classes would walk together from building to building. Even Endicott being a smaller campus it can get confusing in a new surrounding. Even if my roommate and I are to go to the dining hall, we will text friends to see if they want to come with us. There’s safety in numbers, and traveling all together made me feel like I wasn’t quite so alone as how I’ve felt.

Memorize Your Classes. Knowing where all my classes were helped me during the first week of school. The day before classes started, I walked around campus figuring out which building was which and roamed the halls until I found my room. It made the first week a little less overwhelming knowing where my classes were.

Sleep. It’s been hard to get a full nights rest with so many different activities all happening, but getting a good nights sleep will be your best friend. If you have an 8am in the morning it is okay to go to bed early, you can always socialize the next day.

Get involved. Activities, groups, and social events. This is the time you are meeting so many new people all at once. Go to the involvement fairs, and put your name on some lists. That’s the reason I am writing this article now, because I was willing to put my name down at the Her Campus table. Don’t be afraid to meet new people, and you don’t have to necessarily go to a party to do so. There are so many events around campus that you can meet new people. The best way to make friends is by being willing to get out and put yourself out there, though it is scary at first.

Knowing you’re not alone is hard to do, but it has made it a little easier. I am not really the one to talk about this because I have cried a *few times* in the last week and have called my mom everyday. However, reaching out to people and finding someone else who may not be having the easiest time adjusting with living on campus or with their class schedule has really made a huge difference for me. It’s
okay to not be okay at first, but each day has gotten easier,
and you will meet someone who feels the same way as you
do and you can talk to them about it. It will feel like
everyone is loving their life and are so happy to be on
campus when you feel alone. A lot of them are faking it,
and finding someone who is also homesick will help you to
know you’re not alone. It has gotten easier for me, and I am
the biggest homebody. My advice is in no way qualified, but
it’s based on my experience so far and what has helped me feel better while on campus

Remember my fellow baby gulls, this is new to all of us. We are all going through a lot of the same emotions. Don’t be afraid to reach out to new people and really get involved whether that be through sports, clubs, focusing on your school work, and just saying hi to your neighbors. We are all in this first few weeks together.


– Bridget LaSelva


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