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Sunshine, Pools and Palm Trees…Oh My!

Sunshine, Pools and Palm Trees…Oh My!

This was my first official “girls trip”. I mean I’ve gone away with family, or even my friends family, but I’ve never gone on a friends-only vacation. This trip took lots of planning, and searching for affordable options, but we finally pulled it together. Once we booked our flight to Florida, my friends and I couldn’t wait. Warmth? Sunshine? Even a sunburn sounded better than walking to class in the freezing snow. The countdown began. Finally, the day arrived. Flights had been canceled and changed, but finally the plane was in the air. We landed in Orlando, Florida, late, but the air was warm and I could still spot a few palm trees through the darkness. We’d scored a suite at the Disney Saratoga Springs Resort, courtesy of my roommate and her family’s vacation points, and it was perfect for the four of us. Two on the pull-out and two in the master.


That night, we all crashed, tired from the day of traveling, but the next we began our adventure. Disney Springs, the spot where we ate most of our meals and did most of our shopping, was the first stop. We ate and extremely overpriced, not-so impressive late breakfast and eventually made our way to a Publix. We all stocked up on snacks and goodies for the week. Two Uber rides later, we returned to the resort, and finally, I pulled out on of my many suits. The four of us quickly changed and ventured to the closest pool. This marked the true start of our sunshine filled vacay. We spent each day, aside from one not-so-sunny day, by the pools going back and forth between laying out and cooling off in the water. The nights were dedicated to fine dining and yummy desserts at Disney Springs. We traveled by boat, which was unique in itself, back and forth from the hotel and the populated tourist destination. Dinners were expensive, definitely a week of splurging, but the food was delicious. We ate at a variety of restaurants; one was dino-themed and another was a known Kardashian favorite.

I got a little sunburnt, which was expected, and my hair turned a tint lighter. I returned with a reddish hue and a few more freckles than I’d left with, but I was grateful to have a slight trace of tan. After the early morning flight, my friends and I parted ways and headed home for the tail-end of Spring Break. I was happy to spend my break somewhere warm, but I was happier to return home. I had my share of puppy-love and family-time before trekking back to Endicott. I returned to college, excited for the Her Campus meeting later in the week. The Spring Break Survival Kit had arrived. A few days post break, I’d had a little bit of time to get myself organized and back on schedule, we had a meeting. I was given many products, but the two that stood out to me the most were the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen and the Bead Head Superstar Thickening Spray. I absolutely love these products and that will definitely be my new travel essentials. The spf 45 sunscreen would have perfectly protected my skin in Florida, and the hair spray would have given my hair the the volumized look I’d strived for. These will definitely be in my luggage for any and all future trips; I’m a huge fan!


Riley Jenson

Endicott '20

I am a senior at Endicott with a major in Marketing Communication/Advertising and a minor in Professional Writing. I'm passionate about writing and the fashion industry. My dream is to move to New York City.
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